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Hi Blog,

A few years back, I was ready to go.

_Facebook Ads account?_


_Facebook Ads manager?_


We ran the first set of ads for my first self-publishing course.

This was going to be it.

I couldn’t wait.

They said _Facebook Ads were the way to go._

Then I realized people could comment on your ads.

And the people who typically do are not always nice.

One of the first comments I received on an ad was…

_Who the #*@$ is this guy?_

_What is he doing on my timeline?_

It was fairly disheartening for a newbie.

But, aside from the hostility and immaturity, he had a point.

He had no idea who I was, and why I was on his timeline.

At the time, many Facebook users were new to receiving ads in their accounts.

He is what we call _cold traffic._

That is an extra hurdle to cross when trying to sell someone a book, or a course, or your service.

Contrast that with _warm traffic._

With warm traffic, someone the person trusts recommends you to them.

The situation is completely different.

They are past the stage of… _who is this guy?_

They have moved to the question…

_Do I want what he is trying to share or sell_?

I would have done things differently had I known then what I do now.

I still deal in cold traffic a little (very little).

Most of my focus now is on warm traffic.

I do that by connecting with influencers and building rapport with their audiences.

And the best way to connect with influencers (and meet their audiences) all in one shot is virtual summits.

I still have a couple of spots open for the pilot of my virtual summit workshop, Summit Lab.

It is a six-week live course (you get the recordings) to help you host a virtual summit and start building your connections and email list.

The pilot is a small, tight-knit group with lots of opportunity for interaction and feedback.

If that interests you, check out the details here.

https://www.summitlab.io [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/vAVX7YZi9PXc/DGoV]

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. The pilot is 50% off that future course price tag. It includes coaching and other things the course will not have in the future.

https://www.summitlab.io [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/vAVX7YZi9PXc/DGoV]