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Hi Blog,

There is this classic Seinfeld Episode, called The Muffin Tops.

In it, Elaine is out eating muffins with her boss (J. Peterman) when she notices he only eats the top of his muffin.

She remarks that there ought to be a shop that only serves the top of the muffin, since that is the part that most people like.

Peterman secretly takes her idea and creates his own restaurant called _“Top Of The Muffin To You.”_

But when it fails, he calls in Elaine to save it and cuts her in on the ownership.

Elaine observes he is only baking the muffin tops.

She tells him he needs to bake the whole muffin, then remove the stump.

The stump is what makes the top taste good.

A bunch of hilarity ensues as they bake full muffins and then try to dispose of the muffin stumps, including a homeless shelter saying,

“_Nobody wants the stumps.”_

Thinking about your book business is not really any different.

Every author wants the sales and the rank of their book.

That is the muffin top.

Everything tastes great when it is working.

And most authors think it is all about ads.

But the real workhorse behind your book, and the long-term viability of it and your business, is building your audience.

That is the muffin stump.

The muffin top does not work without the stump.

Those few that focus on the audience, and not the muffin top, are the ones who will say _Top of the Muffin To You_ long term.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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