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Hi Blog,

About six months ago, I encountered a theory called flat earth that suggests we are being deceived and the earth is flat.

_That’s ludicrous, I thought. Who would believe such a thing?_

I would not spend any more time on the thought.

Then a documentary came out about it.

Still, there is no way I would not invest an hour on the documentary.

But I decided I would spend 2 minutes watching the trailer for the documentary.

That might explain what in the heck could make these people think the earth is flat.

As I watched the trailer, most of the ideas seemed preposterous.

But there was one idea that kinda made some sense.


They said,

_If the earth was round, as you rise in elevation (via plane, balloon, spacecraft), the horizon should start to curve the higher you go._

That seemed to make sense to me.

It also created a lot of questions.

_Is it true it doesn’t it curve?_ (I wanted to see evidence it doesn’t)

_Should it curve as you rise above the surface?_

I wanted to see examples and more data.

So I watched the documentary.

Full disclosure. I still believe the earth is round.

But to me, this was an amazing example of marketing.

They got a complete skeptic to watch their documentary based on one point they made in the trailer.

It went against everything I believe, but I still watched it because of one brief item of interest.

You can do the same with your book, your opt-in page, or whatever else you are marketing.

If you share enough intriguing details about your book contents in your book description, the more appeal you have to a broader audience.

One unique speaker at your virtual summit may bring in that one attendee who becomes a client.

One item will catch the eye of one person, and another item will catch the eye of the next.

Far too often I see book descriptions, just mention a broad overview of the book (i.e. “This book will teach you about success”) or talk about the author.

But when you share detailed ideas (i.e. “3 counterintuitive ways to start a conversation even when you are feeling shy,”), people will become interested.

It is the small irresistible details that do the most work for you.

And it usually just takes an extra hour of thought to pull them out.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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