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Hi Blog,

Every author has that first book.

The one they cringe at, and prefer if nobody reads.

It doesn’t feel that way when you write it.

But write a couple more books, and that first one starts to feel slightly embarrassing.

And that is a good thing.

That means you are getting better at your craft.

Getting to your second attempt is one of the best things you can do in any endeavor.

Which makes _the first time the charm._

You make tremendous progress when you complete that first version of anything…

* Your book * Your virtual summit * Your first opt-in page * Your first course * Your first coaching call

Not only do you improve your skills, you learn some things along the way.

It has been that way with my first book, my first summit, my first webinar, my first email outreach to an influencer.

They say _if you don’t look back on the things you were doing a year ago and cringe; you aren’t moving forward fast enough._

When I recorded my first audiobook, I learned a ton of things.

I learned how to use Audacity, the different things you have to do to pass Amazon’s ACX requirements, and how to make my written book better (reading it aloud will do that).

Another very important thing I learned later was, it takes almost as much effort on my part to hire a narrator as it does to record and produce the audiobook myself.

With a narrator, you still have to review all the tracks, and potentially update things in your book, and then review the tracks again.

I will still hire narrators in the future, but not because I think it will save me time.

Mostly because I like professional voices for some of my books.

This is something I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t taken action on that first audiobook.

The whole reason I did know was because I attended Derek Doepker’s training _Audiobooks for Every Author._

He makes the whole audiobook process easy to understand.

The training is free tomorrow.

https://bestsellersecrets.com/audiobooksray [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/nH94sY2vUxa4/DGoV]

Just remember, _the first time is the charm._

See you there!

_Leap. Love. Grow._