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Hi Blog,

Never assume you know how someone will react when you reach out.

I love telling this story, though it is embarrassing.

When I first wanted to connect with Derek Doepker, I figured the easiest way to do it would be to friend him on Facebook.

But it felt scary.

What if he rejected me, or worse, ignored me?

I recall hovering my mouse over the friend button for about 20 minutes, inventing all different kinds of outcomes in my mind.

Then I decided to wait.

I waited another 24 hours to get up the guts to use that very unobtrusive way to connect.

The result?

He accepted the friendship in minutes.

I have had similar experiences reaching out to people on email.

I would say, _my name is Ray Brehm and seem to travel in the same circles as you._

Many times the response was a friendly…

_”I know who you are. Sure, let’s chat!”_

Yet, human nature tells us to be scared and let our minds run rampant with the worst-case scenarios.

The truth is, when I was a young and single man, just asking a woman for a phone number was a traumatic experience.

Most people are very nice when you reach out, and even if they aren’t, at least you know not to put them up on a pedestal anymore.

Fast forward to yesterday, and Derek gave a free training session to my audience about audiobooks.

The day before, I presented something to his audience.

It is hard to describe how wrong your negative mind can steer you.

You just have to reach out, no reason to hesitate.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Derek’s audiobook training was excellent, and the replay is up in case you missed it.

https://bestsellersecrets.com/audiobooksreplayray [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/h3ToODpvbqXc/DGoV]

He also offers a paid training, where you can look over his shoulder and get the exact settings to record your own audiobooks.

In fact, he gave all the attendees a $200 off coupon for that training in the free session today. You can grab that coupon from the replay if you like what you see. The replay will be up through Sunday.

By the way, one of the next things I did when I was connecting with Derek was send him a testimonial about his course (because it is superb). And later, when I asked him to let me interview him, he remembered it.