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> “We revolve around the Sun like any other planet.” > > —Nicolaus Copernicus

In the year 1515, Copernicus, a Polish Priest, proposed that the earth was not the center of the universe, but that it was a planet, and all planets circled the sun. He did not publish this theory for nearly 30 years, right before his death.

Galileo, nearly 100 years later (in 1610), confirmed this theory by observing the moons around Jupiter and also the phases of Venus.

Most people did not accept these theories for quite some time (arguably until 1687 when Newton explained gravity).

Fast forward to Christmas Day, 2015, when my first solo book, _Author Your Success_ hit the Amazon Bestseller list.

I couldn’t believe it._ _

_I finally made it. _

_I wrote my first book and it was a bestseller._

_Passive income, fame and financial independence were only a matter of time now. _

I had followed one of many gurus, who had alluded that there was substantial money to follow.

About three weeks later, I realized the truth.

I would probably make about $20 a month in royalties on that book (if I left things the way they were).

That was my Copernicus Moment.

That was when I realized my book was not the center of my business universe.

At least, not from the income perspective.

Your book can contribute to the bottom line.

But it won’t be anywhere near your top earner.

Your online universe revolves around you (and your audience).

And once you realize that, even if it bothers you at first that the book won’t do it on its own, that universe can thrive.

Think of that universe as your empire, to craft the way you want.

You just need some ideas for building your empire now…

That is where my friend Honorée Corder comes in.

She is an empire builder with more than a dozen six- and seven-figure income streams. She’s an executive and strategic book coach, TEDx speaker, and author of over 50 books (including _You Must Write a Book_) with over 4 million books sold worldwide.


she has just opened registration to her amazing EMPIRE BUILDERS SUMMIT.

The Empire Builders Summit is SPECIFICALLY FOR AUTHORS who want to do more with their book and build a business.

It’s free to attend.

And she has assembled an inspiring list of thoughtleaders to help you BUILD YOUR EMPIRE AND GROW YOUR INCOME. People like Rory Vaden, Rachel Richards, Nick Nanton, Brandon Straza — plus many more!

They will share ideas and strategies like:

* Finding Your Uniqueness with Rory Vaden * Using Creative Collaborations with Nick Nanton * Small Businesses Build Big Empires with Helen Bullen * How to Grow Your Empire Utilizing Virtual Summits with Ray Brehm (that’s me) * The Only Business Shortcut You Need To Know with Dani Whitestone * Plus much, much more!

You can check it out here:

https://ray.fm/empire [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/dT3wUS6yMYdT/DGoV]

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Your Copernicus Moment should not be one of sorrow, but of the realization that you have abundant opportunity in front of you.

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