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Hi Blog,

If you have published anything; a blog, a podcast, a book, a course, a YouTube video…

You most definitely have run into this type of person…

Those who believe in CRITICAL RATES THEORY.

They believe they elevate their own status by trying to bring down others.

They do this through bad ratings on books, exaggerated and/or personalized critical reviews, nastygram emails, etc.

Not all bad reviews fit this category, per se. I am not talking about constructive criticism.

But you can always tell by the tone of the “critique.”

“Bad energy” is hard to disguise.

And usually these people are just projecting their own perceived shortcomings onto the work you have published for the world.

Now, though they should simply follow the old saying…

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it…

because it is all about being nice and having good karma and all that.

There is also more to it than that.

Besides not really doing anything to elevate one’s own status, this acting out against others is a form of self-sabotage.

Not only will the recipient of critical or trolling comments never consider a partnership with the offender.

Most others who see it won’t either.

Yes, some people troll anonymously, but they have already altered their mindset at that point.

It is hard to come back from.

The opposite, of course, is being positive, having gratitude and sharing that with those who create.

Positive reviews, testimonials and grateful emails work.

Surrounding yourself with role models works very well.

A few short years ago, I started attending virtual summits and sending people thank you’s for their content.

Not with any long-term agenda in mind, but simply because I was thankful for what they shared.

The results for me have been amazing.

That is why I make it a point to attend, speak at, and host as many virtual summits as possible.

It is who you surround yourself with that counts.

There will always be those who support the flawed logic of Critical Rates Theory, and hopefully someday they will change their ways.

Until then, you will find Empire Builders sharing gratitude and making a positive impact on the world.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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