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Hi Blog,

The trend in our household over the summer is that the kids wake up first.

A major reason is that the summer sunrise is around 5 am in Arizona and once light hits their faces, they are up.

I know it is fall in a lot of places, but in Arizona it is still essentially summer.

This particular morning started normally. I got out of bed and went out to the living room where they play most of the time.

As usual, Little Ray said, “Hi” as soon as I saw him.

Also, as usual, Isabella (7) was too distracted playing to notice me.

So I made eye contact and waved hello.

Her response was a greeting not found in any dialects I am familiar with.

At first I thought it might be Latin.

Because they just began studying Latin in homeschool.

Then I realized what it was.

Her face was expressionless.

It wasn’t a foreign language. IT WAS A COMMAND!

I replayed her morning greeting in my head, and it was indeed English.

It was one word.


Picture a young lady saying “oatmeal” in a deep monotone voice with an extremely serious face.

For some odd reason, she believes I make the “best” oatmeal. Or perhaps she only insinuates that so that she will receive her breakfast earlier.

Regardless, I understood my station in the household, and went to the kitchen to honor the request.

That is the beauty of knowing someone well.

I knew at that moment, it would make a great story for the relatives.

I would also joke with her about it later (for which she showed no remorse).

And that is why I focus all my attention these days on warm audiences.

It is just more fun being introduced to people, rather than meeting them cold.

And usually, there is no cooking involved.

Come meet some of my new friends at the Empire Builders Summit.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. The summit started Monday, but you can still catch most of the sessions. You can watch a looping livestream (be careful, it is addicting) or any individual session on-demand.

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