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Hi Blog,

I used to love watching the original Little Rascals when I was growing up.

No, I was not growing up in the 1940s. But we had a local channel when I was little that aired the old Little Rascal reruns, and they immediately attracted me.

The Little Rascals were the epitome of young entrepreneurs and experimenters.

There is one episode in particular I will never forget.

Its name is _Waldo’s Last Stand._

Waldo has a lemonade stand, and the gang wants to help him sell more lemonade.

They taste it, and Darla thinks it needs more sugar.

Then they come up with the ultimate entrepreneurial solution.

They will build a make-shift night club, where people can come and watch the entertainment free, but they will charge 2¢ for lemonade.

As they start on their idea, Spanky says, “We are all gonna be rich!”

The night club is really cool, and Darla is the headline act (singing).

Alas, the production only attracts one customer, a new boy named Froggy.

They treat him like royalty, and then get to work on selling him lemonade.

First, they offer him a plate of free saltines (crackers). Next, they perform a song about dryness and thirst.

As a last resort, they secretly place a heater under his seat.

Nothing gets him to buy a glass of lemonade.

Finally, they ask him why he didn’t buy, and he responds that he…

_“Doesn’t have any money and it is just too hot in the barn.”_

Too bad they didn’t just ask if he had any money in the first place!

If only they had email lists back then, and they could communicate with a large audience and find the people who were interested in lemonade, and get them to attend the free show.

Of course, then it wouldn’t have been so darn funny.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. One thing for sure is, Spanky would have been a great pitchman for this month’s Youru.tv framework, EMAIL FOR AUTHORS.

He always had great ideas, especially (if you know the episode) where they built this huge fire engine to impress Darla.

See if EMAIL FOR AUTHORS is a fit below. It is not just for lemonade stands.

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