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This is one of the more popular items I share each year, so I won’t make any fabulous claims.
Other than the fact I almost always get emails from people who missed it, and are bummed they did.
This is not my product (though I contributed one of my courses).
It is Infostack’s bundle of writer resources and tools, aka Write Publish Profit 4.0.
For a very limited time, you have the chance to unlock this collection of writing, publishing, and marketing tools and resources created by a host of bestselling authors and publishers who can show you exactly how to write, publish and launch your book like a pro.
Here are 5 awesome resources featured inside Write Publish Profit 4.0. #1. The Complete Write Faster, Write Smarter Series
Contains all seven volumes of Chris Fox’s acclaimed Write Faster, Write Smarter series in one easy-to-read volume including 5,000 Words Per Hour: Write Faster, Write Smarter. “A lot of people talk about writing faster. Chris Fox takes action. His new book will help you to train yourself up to finish your first draft copy in less time. It’s such a helpful tool that could really change the game for authors. I just wish I’d thought of it first!” – Bryan Cohen, best-selling author of Ted Saves the World, and co-host of the Sell More Books Show #2. One year subscription to The Novel Factory
Dive into the only writing software to include a fully integrated step-by-step course for crafting a novel. It’s got everything you need to move from your initial idea, through planning your plot, developing your characters, and completing your first draft to polishing your final manuscript. “I absolutely adore the Novel Factory software and so do all my writer buddies. It’s helped me publish 3 books as of this date and I’m working on my 4th!” – Rhiannon D. Elton, author of the Wolflock Cases series #3. Campfire Blaze – 3 month extended free trial
The ultimate tool to keep your writing organized. Collaborate with friends in real-time or by yourself to flesh out every facet of your story. Develop your manuscript, create characters, design your plot, and build worlds with zero restrictions. When you’re done your work is safe in the cloud where you can easily share your story with your friends and fans. “I’ve been looking for an all-in-one tool that makes planning my stories both easy and fun. Campfire Blaze has replaced my binders, notebooks, and all the software I was using to write my novel. The manuscript and character modules alone make Blaze my favorite writing program.” – Desaree #4. Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Romance Edition Writing Prompts
Get ready to beat writer’s block for good with this fun resource overflowing with a huge variety of characters, locations, events, and more to help ignite your creativity. If you need the perfect idea for your next romance, just roll the dice to discover the inspiration for your next masterpiece! “5 stars! This is perfect for writer’s block or just a little fun.” Amazon Review #5. The Surprising Plot Writing Workshop
Get the secret sauce to make your story suspenseful, unpredictable, and un-put-down-able. Perfect for writers looking to move beyond basics and create unique plots with satisfying twists!
From the author whose books have been a Publishers Weekly pick and named New York Public Library’s, and Chicago Public Library’s “Best Book”, learn all the secrets to write just like a page-turning bestselling author.
The bundle offers the above plus 60+ MORE – a total value of $9,300+ for only $49.
Are these really the 5 “must have” tools for fiction writers?
You might check out the page and see if they are for you. Leap. Love. Grow. Ray Brehm
P.s. This is a once-in-a-year offer expires on Tuesday, September 28th at 11:59pm EST…and after that, it’s gone for good.
You can check it out here: https∶//ray.fm/wpp40 (http://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjstOwzAURL8mXlrXzzgLLxJQBWUD4gMix48mahIbxwLar8ddIY00szpnnA40OE7RoilQAh1l8GiGCR4kkL7nTPSdGGCQDQePJ58Pn68-b2ZZsY0bmiui9bZV1jjD1NTyaVKtAemI6EAAD2jVcynpaFjf0FNNNjcctjp-UuLQsNM4pngsZYn7ODbsGZB_4F_MMeu38_vvhwxq_SK3b0a7p3P7mZGNezG2vDotSfU56SVxnHjmHLECqFIo66qZ1nihOIbrXe31_92k5f_6H1UXTVM)

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