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A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Cary Richards.
We jumped on a Zoom call and talked about our backgrounds.
He told me how he always wanted to run his own online business, but did not know what to do (other than work on the books he had self-published).
Then he learned about curating bundles.
A bundle is essentially material sourced from multiple experts in a niche, packaged into one product, at a “price no one can refuse”.
When I looked at the price of the bundle he was asking me to participate in, I wondered how he could possibly make any money from it.
The secret is pretty simple.
First off, he focuses on the quality of the content for the buyer, and then helping each content creator grow their audience.
So there is a huge upside for the buyer and content creator who donates.
The buyer gets an incredible bundle of products and services for a small price tag.
The content creator gets new leads for his or her business, as well as the ability to make commissions promoting the bundle.
But when I discovered each launch of the bundle did well over 6 figures, it blew me away.
My mind started racing. I figured… If he is doing 6 figures per launch, and does not have to create any of the content on his own, that is really impressive.
If you do multiple launches a year (6-12), well, you do the math.
You can do extremely well as a curator.
You can build a business by simply curating good content for your audience. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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Want to see the current bundle? It is for authors, and they call it Write Publish Profit 4.0.
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