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This Wednesday, September 29th, at noon central time, I will be hosting a live training with my friend, Paul Brodie called Book Marketing Secrets.
This complimentary live webinar was created specifically for people who are struggling to market their book, build an author list, engage with their audience, sell their core offer, generate revenue with their book, and create long-term relationships easily with influencers. https∶//www.thegetpublishedsummit.com/webinar (http://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFj8tugzAURL8GLy3fazCw8CKtQpOqqpRPsPEldsNLxgkqX19YVZrNaKQzOk532LkcWdAoEESNJYAQAjnw5tRIda7hvcCzkBVkuSBuKS4UHxQHE3reTgPz2klojSoIjO1A7SW3tbRIHTgoS6xYr31K85LJU4bNnnVdefJ0pzQ_bR8WT255DkNIB_DYyYbRREbHycUsXt–tzlB_2nt9PLx8lV_vN1-WDuNybTp6rSC3FqnSIHLgaRz0BYCq4pFHc2v7ac78ql7bNW4W2xmDv8Cf51tUow)
During the live webinar, he will show you how to: Launch Your Book Successfully in the Next 90 Days (or sooner)
Learn about some of the Best Book Promo Companies to use for Your Book Launch
Strategies for Choosing the Best Book Categories for Your Book Coordinate a Podcast Tour and how to Connect with Podcast Hosts
Use our Second Edition Book Launch Strategy to Relaunch Your Book Long-Term
Build a Highly Engaged Email List Even if You Have No List Create a Simple Funnel in Your Book that You Can Create in Minutes Leverage Your Core Offer to Turn Readers into Clients
We will give you an hour of great information during the live no-pitch webinar that you can implement quickly and easily for your book, business, and brand.
I watched this training a month or so ago, and asked Paul to share it with you.
There is no sales pitch at the end.
Only thing we will offer is an opportunity to set up a strategy session with Paul to talk about your book.
You can do this without attending as well: https∶//calendly.com/pbrodie/strategysession (http://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFj8FuwyAQRL_GHC0WMMEHDkkVN62qSvkEYNexG2IsQJXir69zqjSHmcPT6KEdxYhKsNkKLoD34gDAORcttMNxkPrcw1snzlwaaBSn1lMulO-UH26ObUgPNlmDCslg4JIjcYU9GA9AnYaxN_KgWbRTrWtp5LERw57gIi0Yny9-n6vPCWfaW6nZVbo9C5Uyp4XR6-XiymSv39taIX56n36nfPnq30_XHxbSUl2oH2g1KO9RkwZUQBIRQseFMSzb7J4-ppto03jfzLJrbG6d_w3-AHxLUi0) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. Paul is also offering a 20 percent discount on our Done for Your Book Launch Marketing Service and our Done for You Book Publishing Service to anyone who books a Strategy Session over the next week as a token of our appreciation of attending the webinar.
Register here (there will be a replay, but you have to register for access): https∶//www.thegetpublishedsummit.com/webinar (http://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFj8tugzAURL8GLy3fazCw8CKtQpOqqpRPsPEldsNLxgkqX19YVZrNaKQzOk532LkcWdAoEESNJYAQAjnw5tRIda7hvcCzkBVkuSBuKS4UHxQHE3reTgPz2klojSoIjO1A7SW3tbRIHTgoS6xYr31K85LJU4bNnnVdefJ0pzQ_bR8WT255DkNIB_DYyYbRREbHycUsXt–tzlB_2nt9PLx8lV_vN1-WDuNybTp6rSC3FqnSIHLgaRz0BYCq4pFHc2v7ac78ql7bNW4W2xmDv8Cf51tUow)

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