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The Write Publish Profit 4.0 Super Stack deal ends today.
At 11:59pm EST tonight it will be gone. (just a few hours from now)
This stack specifically for authors includes:
✔ Lifetime access to 42 comprehensive ecourses, masterclasses and training programs prepped to help you write a nonfiction book, novel (or series) readers will love, plus edit, format and publish your book in digital and print, build your brand and author platform, launch and promote your book, increase your sales, hit #1 on Amazon, sell books on Facebook, beat writer’s block, get crowdfunding to bring your book to life, write marketing copy that sells and so much more.
✔ 8 bestselling ebooks from award-winning authors and publishers featured on ABC News, Today.com, and Hay House Radio that show you step-by-step exactly how to make writing your full time career, write an agent-grabbing book proposal, and get your author business up and running like a seasoned pro.
✔ the only writing software to include a fully integrated step-by-step course for crafting a novel. 12 months access to The Novel Factory,
✔ 6 months access to Nrdly for Authors the custom drag-and-drop website builder designed by professional authors to give you everything you need in one tidy package – they set it up, you make it you. Instant access to 65+ premium writing and publishing products including 6 months membership to The Author Success Mastermind Community with author J. Thorn, plus workbooks, journals, templates, community memberships, mind maps, step-by-step guides, discounts on cover design, book promotion, Book Brush mockup templates for social media and ad creation plus a ton of exclusive additional bonuses and so much more worth over $9,300… for just $49 (which is less than .75 cents per product to you!)
Get everything you need to write your book, build a fan base, promote your book, and generate consistent book sales Begin your first (or next) book today with the help of 65+ writing, publishing, author brand and book marketing experts…for next to nothing!
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Leap. Love. Grow. Ray Brehm
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