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When I was growing up, the phrase… It’s all about who you know
… more often than not was used as a negative connotation.
It was a way to suggest someone was only successful because they “knew” the right people.
And though there are some truths to that (politicians, lobbyists, etc), the majority of people I look up to know the right people, because they made an effort to reach out and meet them.
Contrast that with people who intentionally burn bridges as a way out of making an effort and blaming others.
Effort and authenticity is required.
But it does beg the question… How do I reach out and get to know everyone I should get to know?
And here is where the mistake is made (I know from experience).
It is kind of a what comes first, the chicken or the egg thing. Do I wait until I am a big enough author name before I reach out, or will reaching out to others help me become a big enough author name?
I would argue the second.
Don’t wait.
And if I had it to do over again, I would have started reaching out to other influencers much earlier on my path.
It just takes a little confidence and push to do it.
That is the topic of my conversation with outreach expert Cloris Kylie on today’s episode of the Book Profit Secrets Podcast.
She has literally written the book on the topic, and has become a great friend (all because I reached out to her a couple years ago). https∶//ray.fm/20 (http://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrFuwyAURb_GjOi9BwY8MFSNrHRIpKpdOllgIEaxjWVbSpuvrztVusOdzjnBJkpBEsuWgBABEA1oEBy5FFQbdYLGSFULgEpC5D6uW1zvcZ1cHnlfJjZYHaN0vUYKqvYHTeukjTGNMkLLRko22mHfl60SLxW1x1b3w9N0HIJKtF23lC3vucxdV4kTsPjHPrttsJ–eX18XB_vdG6-_VfbXRBvrC_z7vr9LViF0vugosIgMYoQsK-BjGGrPRx-LDfiJd2fZj7in27J_92_tMRLMw) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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