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You have probably heard the term OPM, as it is applied in Real Estate.
It stands for Other People’s Money, and it is a form of leverage.
The idea is you borrow money to purchase a property and you pay back the loan from the income of the property. You have invested other people’s money, and you keep the profit above the expense of paying back the loan.
But leverage doesn’t just work in real estate.
Leverage is one of the best ways to speed up nearly all processes in life.
This includes your life as an author.
You can choose to figure out everything yourself (as almost all of us do at some point).
Or you can choose to skip past large amounts of time figuring things out on your own, and see what the experts are doing.
I call it OPR: Other People’s Research.
For instance, if someone is launching books for people full time, they probably have a pretty good grasp of what is currently working in regards to …
Book Promotion Sites that work
Getting Reviews
Building an Email list from inside your book
Timing of promotions during a launch
That is why I no longer test these things on my own.
I look at what other experts are doing and mimic them.
I am talking about those who I know are successful and currently doing the work – not those who did something years ago and haven’t done anything lately.
That is why I encourage you to watch Paul Brodie’s Book Marketing Secrets training before it disappears tonight (midnight Central Time).
Paul is launching books for clients month in and month out, so he knows what is working today.
There is no optin, just the video on a page. You also have control of the video, so you can skip to the parts you are interested in.
You can check it out here: https∶//www.thegetpublishedsummit.com/bmsreplay (http://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFj01uwyAYBU9jlujjt2TBIlLjpBeourPA4JjGGARElnP6OqtKs3vSPI3TE50cpyhoCpQQAEYUo8AwwRd1OkvBlOBw4epEOg4eW1-qLw9fogkLHlNEs5YTOA-CWmslZ9wRmASho-BW8dEqhhY9t5Zrx84d7Q-2bcNt9nff8tMuoc7e1WeMob2Fx25jLT4vZu9YPww51dBCWoehY5-A_Pv5Zuqsjbh-yz7sH_stZurcz_B7BTSmtZmxfTktCbfWSS-J48Qz58gogCqFii5mt0u6U5ymx0utR9rL5PBf9QdP0Vj7) Leap. Love. Grow.
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