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Back in 2008, I invested in my first (and only) franchise. It was for real estate property management.
I already had nearly two decades of experience in real estate investing, and had managed my own rental properties. So I was fairly experienced with collecting rent, making repairs and evictions.
But creating a business out of what I knew was another story.
That was the appeal of the franchise. I was not simply buying more knowledge, I was buying a proven system.
I cut a large check (by my standards — though probably small by typical franchise standards), and received the system.
And it worked like gangbusters.
The founders of the franchise had systematized everything from bringing clients (property owners), tenants, employees and vendors.
I recall that they basically said for attracting property owners, enter your data on this website, put in your credit card for ads, and turn it on.
We received our first inquiry within hours.
It may have taken me years to figure that out on my own (we had used classified ads in the paper prior to that if you can believe it).
The same held true for rented out units we were contracted to manage.
All the contracts, accounting and tracking systems worked out of the box. We were making a profit that very first month.
I don’t if every franchise works as well, but I assume they are intended to.
Consider if you wanted to purchase a McDonalds franchise.
You don’t have to go figure out what equipment to buy, how to hire and train employees or where to get your burgers. Let alone how many minutes to cook them.
You essentially unpack the box and just follow the instructions.
Of course, the franchises take a percentage of your income going forward, but that means they have skin in the game to see you succeed.
That system to jump start businesses is what I believe the future of online is all about.
I have created the Six-Figure Author Summit Program™, a customized program to help speakers, authors, influencers, business coaches and consultants build a truly scalable business. One that brings you more profits AND more life.
If you qualify, by the end of the Program, you will have $250,000 in additional cash in your pocket, along with a complete roadmap to sustain and grow your business, guaranteed.
If you’re tired of pouring your heart and soul into your book, delivering courses and programs that are barely paying the bills for you, let alone giving you the lifestyle you want, then perhaps this Program is for you.
If you are interested in becoming a member of my exclusive Founders Circle (*must have at least one existing course or program that sells — standalone or on the back end of your book), reply to this email and let me know and I will get in touch with you to schedule a Founders Circle Call.
We are opening this up to the public October 18th, but are accepting a VERY limited number of these Founders Circle members. Realize not everyone will qualify, of course, but I’m happy to have a chat and see if you’re a good fit. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
p.s. Yes, adding six figures from your next summit in 2 years or less is guaranteed. If you qualify, this could be a game changer. Hit reply and let’s chat.
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