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Back in my Corporate America days, I was stuck in a white collar job I did not love.
I was a database administrator (DBA for those who know the lingo) for legacy systems (IMS and DB2).
In any job, it is pretty easy to feel like you don’t have many other options.
I know I felt that way for while. I certainly wasn’t in a position where I could use all of my strengths, and as I mentioned, I wasn’t passionate about it.
But then I found a position in software sales where I could connect with people, travel and share my knowledge.
At the time, it was my dream job.
The interview went well, and an offer was coming.
The truth is, I would have accepted less pay than I already had for this job.
But there was obviously no sense in letting them know that.
The issue was, I would have to move to the San Francisco area, a much higher cost of living than I was accustomed.
So I did some research on how much more I would need to make to break even.
During my research, I came across a short article on how to negotiate salary and decided to read it.
That article has changed my life (many times over).
The gist of what the article said was this…
No matter what the amount of the offer you receive is, no matter how good it sounds, no matter how excited you are… …you must keep a solemn straight face and respond with only one word… “Hmmmm” This must be used, even if you instantly know you are going to accept the offer. Why? When a negotiation takes place, no matter how small, both parties end up with more satisfaction. Let’s say that you want to buy my used car. You ask how much? I say 5k. And you immediately say… “You got a deal!” I then realize I probably could have received more since you agreed so quickly. And actually, you have no idea if I would have taken less. But when you negotiate, both sides feel like they worked to the best possible offer.

It made sense. So I was ready to implement.
When the phone call came from the recruiter with the offer, I just kept rehearsing that word in my head… Hmmm… Hmmm… Hmmm…
Then came the offer, but uh oh, they were offering my dream job and a 50% increase on what I was currently making.
My inner voice changed its opinion on our planned tactic and was screaming in my head… Abort Mission! Abort! Abort! Accept the offer!!!!!
I only had a fraction of a second to decide, or everything would look rehearsed.
But I had to know if this strategy worked, even though I was freaked out they may rescind the offer if I pissed them off.
Here goes, I replied with… Hmmm….
The recruiter asked what was wrong?
I was only slightly prepared to answer, but my response came out fairly well. I told her that I loved the job opportunity but that the cost of living where I was going to be living should make the salary higher.
In fact, I gave her a number about 20% higher. I also backed it up with data from my research.
To say I was shaking in my boots is an understatement.
She took the info back to the company and they came back with a counteroffer very close to what I asked for. And clearly, both parties were more excited about the agreement.
That one little word added 18% to my salary to start which would have arguably taken 5-6 years to hit via corporate performance appraisals had I started at the original salary.
I used the same strategy a year later for an even larger % when a recruiter came knocking.
The real secret here is that you are showing that you know you are valuable and how valuable. Showing confidence almost always works in your favor.
How do you do that as an author or entrepreneur?
That is via the creation of your high ticket program.
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Ray Brehm
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