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One of my favorite presentations of all time is the Steve Job’s original iPhone announcement at Macworld, January 9th, 2007.
Here is an excerpt…
Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything… Well, today we’re introducing three revolutionary products at this conference. The first one, is a wide screen iPod with touch controls. (the crowd applauds and cheers) The second is a revolutionary mobile phone.
(very loud cheers and applause) The third is a breakthrough internet communications device.
(more applause) So, three things… a wide screen iPod with touch controls
a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device
An ipod, a phone, and an internet communicator
An ipod, a phone…
Are you getting it?
These are not three separate devices. This is one device.
And we are calling it iPhone.
(crowd goes wild)

I was spending that summer in Park City Utah, when the phone released.
If you watched the news that day, every major metropolitan Apple Store had huge lines and the phones were selling out.
Despite what the news was saying, I decided to drive down to the Salt Lake City Apple Store, and see if I could grab one for the novelty of it.
Despite what was going on nationally, I was successful.
The reason why it was selling out (at well over 4 times the price of the most expensive phones of the day), was because of something Jay Abraham calls preeminence.
Preeminence in a nutshell is “surpassing all others in a distinguished way.”
The iPhone had preeminence. There was nothing else like it available.
And that does something very special for a product or service, it eliminates selling based on price.
If your book or what you teach surpasses all others in a distinguished way, you can price it however you want. There is no comparison shopping available.
One of my favorite authors is Ben Settle, and his books range from $200 – $1000 because of this exact phenomenon. There is nothing else like his books out there. Can you imagine how things would change for your business if you made an offer that no one else did?
That is one of the most important strategies for creating a high ticket program, and it is the first thing we help you create in my new program.
I have created the Six-Figure Author Summit Program™, a customized program to help speakers, authors, influencers, business coaches and consultants build a truly scalable business. One that brings you more profits AND more life.
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If you’re tired of pouring your heart and soul into your book, delivering courses and programs that are barely paying the bills for you, let alone giving you the lifestyle you want, then perhaps this Program is for you.
In a nutshell, we focus on creating three things: your high ticket offer, a masterclass to sell that offer, and a virtual summit to build an audience for the masterclass.
If you are interested in becoming a member of my exclusive Founders Circle (*must have at least one existing course or program that sells — standalone or on the back end of your book), reply to this email and let me know and I will get in touch with you to schedule a Founders Circle Call (we only have a few spots left).
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Ray Brehm
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