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Have you heard this saying before?
If you’re at POINT A and you want to know how to get to POINT B…
Your best bet is to ask someone who is already at POINT B.
Well, I can go one better than that.
How about asking someone who has already helped THOUSANDS of people get to POINT B.
If you’re nodding your head in agreement right now, you’re going to love what’s coming next…
On Oct 30th, 2021, Christine Kloser, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, is hosting a LIVE virtual event during which she’s going to share with you the exact steps she’s used to help THOUSANDS of people make the journey to become an amazing, published author “Break through the blocks to write, publish and market your book in 2022!”
CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Seat –> https∶//ray.fm/tae (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjk1rhDAURX-NWUq-o4ssCkUqMzBddicveS-jHTVWA6Xz62tXhcvlrs496JNMqCWbvORSCC7NWYarumlNUk44Dq1y3NhKc6oD7QftD9oXmOY65oWN3kIgDc4pikBRII8ECgS2kdA26Njsx1K2o1IvlezO7PBTp-UcBahS3TBs-ZjKlNdhqNSrYPQHf4Nj9DcjL5f3Tn9-Xw_oysfy1ceexbwWiKVHb4UOAS1ZgVqQQhTRcNk0bPfnSZjzXdY5PZ7Neto_YZv-xX8BSU5N_A)

Don’t mistake this for just your average webinar or pitch-fest.
This is 8 hours with an experienced author coach with a PROVEN track record in taking aspiring authors who are stuck in the weeds, and helping them to FINALLY realize their dream of being published.
Often in as little as just a few months!
It doesn’t matter whether your inspirational, world-changing book idea is nothing but a fresh sparkle of creativity in your mind…
Or you’ve had this idea rattling around in your head for years but you’ve never managed to find the time or energy to get started…
Or you’ve written a sizable chunk already but you’ve hit a creative wall and you’ve no idea if what you’ve written is even any good…
WHATEVER stage you’re at in your process (and it is a process), this event will give you the wisdom, the inspiration and the motivation to rise to the challenge.
Here’s just a small preview of what to expect from this epic event:
The proven roadmap to successfully write, publish and market a transformational book.
Powerful book organizing tips and tools so you never feel overwhelmed by your book journey again.
The “Ins and Outs” of publishing in today’s modern, always switched on, global marketplace, so you can approach your marketing and sales campaign from a position of authority and ease.
Confidence in yourself as an author, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a writer.
A comprehensive all-in-one approach to ensure you cover every single base and succeed in writing, publishing and marketing your book.
Over the years I’ve seen Christine work with thousands of aspiring authors and if there’s one truism I’ve witnessed, over and over again, it’s that when people have a burning desire to share an important message that they KNOW, in their hearts, will have a powerful and positive impact on people that hear it… They are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get their message, their book, out to the world.
Does that sound like you?
If so, I urge you to join Christine on Oct 30th, 2021, and start your Transformational Author Experience.
If you do…
By this time next year…
You could have your own, best-selling book, in your hands…
And in the hands of thousands of readers. CLICK BELOW to begin your journey https∶//ray.fm/tae (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtqxDAURL_GKo109bC2UBEIJmYDSZnOXL3WztqWIwlC9uujVIFhmOrM8SZC9ALIaoACYxRkK0l5ry8y8oENFC98oFJ1gobehlxCvoe847r1Lu1kMQGjjdpHGTRariwTiooYuZMDCmWBbGap9Swdf-pgbMn408e9jYqh4-M8n6msdU3HPHf8GUj4g79gWcybhOv1fRSf368Fx_qxf01uIi4dFV2dvFFMWOtVUMwLFrj3zEkKWpNs2ond0g36FO8PfTT7B57rv_gv-t9NdQ) Leap. Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. – I am attending myself as a paid attendee. Christine is knowledgeable, authentic, passionate, inspiring and with a proven track-record of success coaching authors for the past 17 years.
And,she may never host this event virtually again. NOW is your chance for easy-access to this life-changing event!

So, I encourage you to visit the registration page now and reserve your front row seat (that’s one of the advantages of a virtual event – they’re ALL front row seats – LOL).
But this isn’t the only reason why you should act quickly. Because you also need to know that seating IS limited.
No, this isn’t a gimmick or a marketing trick.
The seats are limited because this is going to be an interactive event during which Christine will be inviting some of the attendees to receive a LIVE, one-on-one coaching session.
Don’t worry, this is optional. So, if you’re shy you won’t be forced to take the virtual stage.
But this is why there’s a limit on the total number of attendees.
So, please take 2 minutes now to reserve your seat.
https∶//ray.fm/tae (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtqxDAURL_GKo109bC2UBEIJmYDSZnOXL3WztqWIwlC9uujVIFhmOrM8SZC9ALIaoACYxRkK0l5ry8y8oENFC98oFJ1gobehlxCvoe847r1Lu1kMQGjjdpHGTRariwTiooYuZMDCmWBbGap9Swdf-pgbMn408e9jYqh4-M8n6msdU3HPHf8GUj4g79gWcybhOv1fRSf368Fx_qxf01uIi4dFV2dvFFMWOtVUMwLFrj3zEkKWpNs2ond0g36FO8PfTT7B57rv_gv-t9NdQ) Copyright © 2021 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this
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