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True story.
A couple of years ago, I started my very unsure journey of reaching out to influencers.
Prior to learning how easy it is to do when you are hosting a summit, I was using more of what could be described as the cold call method.
I would email influencers directly, give them some mutual contact names or mutual niche information, and see if they would respond.
Most did, and very politely.
It is amazing what happens when you simply ask.
But there was one strange occurrence that I will never forget.
I reached out to an influencer I looked up to, let’s call him Benjamin.
He seemed to be doing very well, I saw his name all over Amazon and other lists I subscribed to.
We got on a zoom, and he was very pleasant. Except for one small item…
He seemed to have this need to make sure that I realize I was a little bit lower class than he was because my email list was not quite to 10,000 yet.
I believe I would have reacted differently now, but at the time I was in growth mode and smiled and bit my tongue.
It struck me as a bit odd that you would treat someone that way, especially someone who was clearly working hard enough to reach out and connect.
Besides, list size makes little difference if the list is not engaged.
I would find that out for myself months later, when he promoted a summit of mine.
Based on the number of registrations and sales, you would assume he had a much smaller list. It is funny how you kind find out who is , simply by having them on your summit. skinny dipping when the tide goes out
Since that time, I have seen him dabble in this and that, moving from one thing to the next until he moved to promoting crypto currency and selfies in front of a rented mansion.
It felt like a new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Bitcoin.
I have seen that happens to others (and I know full well I am not immune).
What I believe it comes down to is a lack of focus and clarity.
Now Benjamin may survive it, because it seems the clarity started becoming a problem long after he built his business.
But for those starting out with a book, if you don’t have clarity, you can shoot yourself in the foot before long before you get off the ground.
That is why I am attending Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience this Saturday. It is an all day workshop to help you get clarity on your book, whether it is written yet or not.
I got her to give me a quick 15 minute interview about the event here: https∶//www.raybrehm.com/tae-video (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjr1qwzAYRZ_G2ir0-0keNGQpLRRKSPein0-xsR0FWa1Jnr72VLic4Q6Hk1wWOSlBRieY4JwJ2KGZpD5CTL3B0FsJ1mOnGNKAdcU6YV38ONNYFjI4YYLMJprswTKVtAkCIhjoM7MqMiCzG1q7r508deJ137ZttPpHqDgsh2O_mseX3zFhIXiY3_w6uHNernXSl-3xcfnR36ydP79mEsut-djekwOuQkiAwJPiKFPiUTNhLanusM_lKmjJ09Pe9vSnv4__1X_24U4N)
Ray Brehm
P.S. If it makes sense, and you have time Saturday, it may be one of the best things you do this year, gaining clarity on your book and where it should take you. https∶//www.raybrehm.com/tae-video (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjr1qwzAYRZ_G2ir0-0keNGQpLRRKSPein0-xsR0FWa1Jnr72VLic4Q6Hk1wWOSlBRieY4JwJ2KGZpD5CTL3B0FsJ1mOnGNKAdcU6YV38ONNYFjI4YYLMJprswTKVtAkCIhjoM7MqMiCzG1q7r508deJ137ZttPpHqDgsh2O_mseX3zFhIXiY3_w6uHNernXSl-3xcfnR36ydP79mEsut-djekwOuQkiAwJPiKFPiUTNhLanusM_lKmjJ09Pe9vSnv4__1X_24U4N) Copyright © 2021 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this
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