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Just a quick share about one of my favorite book promotion services, that I use with all of my clients and on all of my books.
It is called Buckbooks, and I have used them since 2015. They were the first major promotion that propelled me to my very first bestseller, and I still use them to this day.
In fact, today they promoted my latest anthology, and it is #1 in 8 categories, with an Amazon rank of 3,133 out of over 6 million books. The Entrepreneur Code
Full Disclosure: Buckbooks is one of a small handful of promotions I use to make sure a book hits bestseller, but not the sole promotion.
I don’t use a ton of promotions like many gurus suggest. Just the ones that I know perform.
Take a peak and see featured on The Entrepreneur Code . http∶//buckbooks.net/deals/ (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFzr1uhDAQBOCnwSXaNbbxFS6uyeWni8QDeL1LQHAYgaMk9_RxqkgjjaYZfRxGPbLRag4aNCJoD2AddO3F9ToRdySxv3gLjQFpSY5TjkWOe5zXNuW7mgL0wmTZJ8R-JDAGzegpOrRABMBqDVMpe9NdG_1UQ59poZyXs92k1M0S17O2kr_T53hOYfi6-ndtX_Hb3gbatXtbh5tKeSsxlRcODg0RO3HIBqVjxmSr3KsjHPGH1vyh2zwuD79V9SPu8z_4F6uASmk) Leap. Love. Grow.
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