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Quick question…
If you want to write and publish a best-selling, life changing book, which of these nuggets would be most useful to you?
The simple approach to writing your book, even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer”.
The powerful, yet easy-to-master, method for getting out of a rut and finishing the ENTIRE book.
The key elements to include in your book content to gain fans for life.
The critical questions you need to consider before going down the self-publishing route.
The step-by-step strategy for making your book launch day an overwhelming success.
How to leverage your new status as “author” to power your business growth.
Picked one?
Well, here’s the good news…
You don’t need to.
Because my friend/colleague/coach/publisher, Christine Kloser, (and plenty more), during one sensational, full-day, virtual event. the world’s leading Transformational Author Coach, will be digging into every single one of these subjects
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When it comes to planning, writing, producing, launching and marketing the transformational book you’ve been aching to see come to fruition, there are lots of things it helps to know.
But perhaps even more importantly… It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you most.
There are many books – far too many – that launch quietly, and quickly disappear into the black hole of publishing.
But that ISN’T going to be your experience.
Because you understand the value of learning from someone who has already helped thousands of people become the author they always dreamed of.
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I am fortunate to have built a friendship with Christine over the past six months, and she is already one of the few I have the most confidence in, of the author/self-publishing space. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. – Almost forgot…
There’s also the small matter of arranging for editing, proofreading, book design and formatting.
Don’t worry Christine will be covering all of this at the Transformational Author Experience event.
It’s going to be one epic day.
A day you’ll kick yourself if you miss. Join Us Tomorrow! => https∶//ray.fm/tae (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjr1uwyAURp_GjIh7-bE9MCRKrEadOkXqBlyIrdghwiz105dOlT4dfdPRIZswkUK2WBQIIHBs0EJx4P0JQevLOF2ns9HXsVMich_LHsszls0tKw95Y7N1RpLvNao-eRGMHKQgUl4Ypcc-ALHVzrW-906eOpzaivvhaWunusjin-nD7bPNIR5uedz29Hn_KnB3l28iFvKrulBvZA0o78lEA6QgSiIIWuAwsGKb0a_5gTyn5zG8Wurh3st_5S-HaEdU)
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