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When my son was 5 years old, he came into my office and picked up a paperback copy of my book The Author Startup.
He said, I want to have a book.
We then came up with an idea to involve his entire pre-school class.
We came up with an anthology about dreams.
Each child was asked to dictate to the teacher a dream they remembered. Then they would also draw a picture of the dream.
We put them all into a book, and published it to Amazon.
I will never forget when the physical book arrive. I opened the box, and handed one to Little Ray.
He got this huge smile and yelled, “YEAAHHHHAHHH!”
He was so proud and happy.
Two years later, my wife told me the rumor around the pre-school was that it was like a lottery drawing to see who got my daughter into their class because it came with the book project. You are obligated to do it again, she told me.
And of course, I didn’t mind. We did it again and Isabella had her own book just like her brother.
Then I created a short course on how I did it, call Publish Your Child. It takes you from idea, to chapter creation, covers, published author certificates, and more.
Which I promptly did nothing with…
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Ray Brehm
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