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Back in college, my friend Brad and I spent a summer in Sacramento, California working as landscapers.
We traveled across country for the experience of being on our own, and at the time, it seemed like a pretty cool thing to do.
During our last week in California, we took a short trip to San Francisco. At that time, they still practiced rule of law in the city.
Being in college, we thought we were pretty street smart. As we walked down a tourist area near Pier 39, we were summoned into a shop by a man standing on the sidewalk.
When we entered, we were seated in a room with around 75-100 others, and there was a man in the front who was a real showman.
He held up some kind kitchen pitcher, probably a precursor to a Brita Pitcher at the time, and said… Who will give me $5 for this pitcher?
A few people in the audience raised $5 bills signaling that they would. He selected one of them, went over to do the exchange.
He handed the person the pitcher, and said… Keep your $5!
The crowd let out a gasp. He is giving things away was the collective thought.
Next he brandished some kind of serrated Ginsu Style knife. He went on to show us how amazing and ahead of its time this knife was. Who will give me $20 for this knife?
Well, I had this all figured out by now. He was giving this stuff away if you raised your hand quick enough.
I raised my hand with a $20 bill (which was very valuable to me at the time). Many others raised their hands this time as well.
The host’s team inside the room quickly plucked all the $20 bills from us, and handed us each a box with this “amazing” knife in it. Wait, what….??
That wasn’t what I expected, and I wasn’t really there shopping for a knife. I was only into for the free stuff! But in that short 2 minutes the place probably brought in close to $1000.
Then the same thing happened again. The next item was $50 and some stranger in the audience got it free. The subsequent item was $100 and everyone who raised their hands paid for that item.
When we left and caught up with some of our friends, they laughed at us for getting taken by a tourist trap.
I see the same thing today in the market for aspiring authors.
There are these Tourist Trap “self-publishing gurus” who promise to help you make more sales with your book. Every time Amazon sneezes, they claim to have figured out a new part of the algorithm and you need to buy their course or service to take advantage of it.
But the problem is, even if what they claim is true, you are facing a huge uphill battle. Generating income is not the role your book should play for you.
That is why tomorrow I am hosting a 1.5 training called… Turn Your Book Into A Six Figure Business Using a Virtual Summit
We will cover:
How to Fill Your Summit
How to Run Your Summit
and most importantly, how to Monetize Your Summit
It is at 3pm EST tomorrow (November 17th), and you can register here: https∶//ray.fm/sixfigure-rb (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtOxDAQRb8m7ojs8bNxgYRQ0G5Bh6CzPeMk2jwWx2hhvx5TcXWKWx0d9BkyKmCzBw6izYDglqteBwlWoIgyaW447xSnPlI5qFyorGFe-rSvbPIggGwwpLLUNqfULJZyDtJxlxA0W_xU6_Xo5GMHz40Sfvq8tnPM33kevwo9lMjoTzmEY_L6M-I2VFvHt9f309Nw-8DzjaV9qyHVF_RGqBjRkBGoBElE0QrBOVZ8U8dlH6Hf8-XuttZ8D9f5P_cXPuVK4Q) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. About that knife I bought. It turns out my wife uses that knife every day (decades after my adventure in purchasing it). I am not sure how I saved and retained it all these years, but it is a great knife. And to have my first experience with a tourist trap, $20 was a bargain. Copyright © 2021 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this
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