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I got an email Monday that perfected summed up how you should approach self-publishing and the success of your book.
Nick Nanton, co-founder of Celebrity Press and the Dicks Nanton Agency, is a friend and one of my first mentors in this space.
He sent an email to his list that said… “You make money by having a book NOT by selling a book.”
I won’t ever forget that quote, because that is literally what successful self-published authors understand.
This is also where I got it wrong in the beginning. I believed all the hype. They said… Just publish your book, and you will become financially independent. You will have passive income.
Anyone who has published knows that this is not true. Publishing is just the start of your journey.
Nick went on to say… “What you do with your book AFTER you have it is how you make money.”
To some, that may sound like bad news. The reality is, since most authors won’t take the next step, there is so much opportunity out there.
That is why today I am hosting a 1.5 hour training called… Turn Your Book Into A Six Figure Business Using a Virtual Summit
We will cover:
How to Fill Your Summit
How to Run Your Summit
and most importantly, how to Monetize Your Summit to Six Figures
It is at 3pm EST today (November 17th), and you can register here: https∶//ray.fm/sixfigure-rb (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjjtuwzAQBU8jdhHI5b9g4RgIHMBFilyA5C4twvqBkoPEp49S5WGKVw0GQ4GCClgNwEEcs0JwzVUvvScSTkkJvkiCTnHqE7WN2p3aFOvY52ViQzAlQUSvUWpO1jntJPc2JpvQZszAxjDs-7p18tTB20GLP32ZjrPV71Jvj0YvLTH6U17iNoTl67qZM7-eSY0ryk8zvM4fLC_zHvP-jsEIlRIaMgKVIIkosubgHGvhUKdxuUG_lPvTzUfzM671P_cXLrZKcg) Leap. Love Grow.
Ray Brehm
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