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When you were a child, did you ever play this prank on other kids?
We used to do it to our younger siblings and cousins.
If our target had a dime in his or her hand, we would grab a nickel and say… I will trade you this bigger nickel for that smaller dime.
It was all in fun, and always interesting to see who would fall for it.
But that is sometimes how it feels when we are reaching out to influencers, that we have to somehow trick them into working with us.
If you are just starting out, it feels even more like an uphill battle.
That is why I love Virtual Summits, because it gives you something to offer speakers that is highly valuable, and you can offer it even if you are just starting out.
This is especially applicable if you just published a book, and are not sure what to do next (don’t buy that “sell more books” course!).
Yesterday, we had an incredible turnout to our training on how to Turn Your Book Into A Six-Figure Business Using A Virtual Summit.
And we recorded it, you can view the replay right here: https∶//www.raybrehm.com/sixfigure-replay (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjz1vwyAYhH-N2Yp4ARs8MEStqqRj1alLxcdLQLFjC7vCya-vPfV00w333AUTeQySk2w447BLgxbAWgoyusi07D0gixoayZA6LAuWG5bR5oH6aSTJWMddL0D1XkVQQva2Q4utVUw5F1sgg0nrOi-NODX8fXetlRb7cAXTeHTs0ZK3mK-_BV8KzoN9EDwAZ7skc6k_nxw_8vl7C69f6U1WXzfip_tq_XoJpgPpXOiwgyABRQjgW8a1JsUckGG6cjrF21Pf9wdPO-f_8X9cTlEm)
It will be up for a few days, so budget some time (it is 1.5 hours). But it will be well worth your time if you are looking to go to the next level next year. Leap. Love. Grow.
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