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Charles Dickens did it. Truman Capote did it. Agatha Christie did it. Dostoevsky and Tolstoy did it.
Even Hemingway, Stephen King, and Margaret Atwood did it…
Recognize any of these titles? The Bonfire of the Vanities The Green Mile The Count of Monte Cristo A Tale of Two Cities The War of the Worlds
All serials.
Not wanting to miss out on this sweet earner (and the way people are shifting to consuming books), Amazon launched their own story platform in July:
Kindle Vella.
Kindle Vella lets you write and publish your story in serial parts — and earn as you go!
That’s right:
Your “in progress” (read: unfinished) books that you publish on Vella are eligible for monthly launch bonuses just for getting faves, follows, and token redemptions.
Talk about an epic head start to getting your name known, growing your readership, AND earning money before you have finished writing your book!
In fact, Vella’s bonus pot in September was a whopping $500,000. 🤑
Even better, once your book is complete, Amazon has no barrier to publishing your book as an ebook, so you can earn money both from the serialization AND as an ebook!
So…50% for Vella reads + 70% for KDP Select Royalties…that’s a lot of bonus cash.
Quick note: Vella is currently available for US residents only, global is coming soon.
So whether you’re an absolute beginner looking for the best way to get your first story out of your head and onto the blank page…
…or you’re an established author who wants to continue to level up your writing and see the huge potential of serialization…
There’s no better place to start than with Writer’s Craft 3.0. Writer’s Craft 3.0 is your complete, A to Z resource to level up your writing.
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