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Yesterday was an incredibly busy and successful day for me.
I hosted a webinar for a good friend and JV Partner. The webinar was about my new Six-Figure Author Summit Program.
We jumped on the Zoom 10 minutes early to get set up and shoot the breeze. As we were talking and brainstorming, I threw out an idea of a joint venture for 2022.
He thought about it a minute and said it sounded like a good idea. So he was considering it.
Then came time to turn on the webinar, and let his audience in. What does he do next?
He introduces me to his audience and promptly tells them that we just agreed to a joint venture a couple of minutes earlier.
I was pumped!
And in fact, the idea we came up with makes sense to do with a lot of my partners.
All these great things happened, and I hadn’t even started the presentation yet.
That type of thing doesn’t just happen out of the blue.
We had a relationship for a few years, ever since I interviewed him and had him as a guest on my first virtual summit.
That has to be my favorite thing about virtual summits. It speeds up relationships (and friendships) with like-minded and niche-related people.
There are so many more benefits to virtual summits, but relationship building is by far the most important in my book. Imagine having someone you look up to on your speed dial (or speed text anyway).
Here is the best part for me: Two years ago, I didn’t even know what a virtual summit was.
I hosted one because I saw everyone else do it. When it finished, I saw just how powerful an effect it can have on your business.
So impactful, in fact, that I wanted to become an expert at summits.
I dove right in.
Then I decided I wanted to move faster, so I licensed some content from my summit mentor at the time, in order to create a done-for-you service.
In a way, I borrowed someone else’s business to jump start mine.
I ultimately ended up with my own set of content, procedures and style.
We do that same thing with our VIP program clients, we allow them to license our proven procedures and programs. It is amazing way to help create a win-win for everyone.
Then they can use a summit to build their own relationships and move forward much faster.
But it all starts with a summit. What to learn more about summits?
Join our free 3-day event next week, Virtual Summit University, and get the inside scoop. Monday and Tuesday are interview days, and Wednesday, is a live training.
It is a short summit about summits. https∶//ray.social/vsu21 (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjsFqwzAQRL_GOhrvSpblgw4hpTiQS6GQ80or10ocK0huafP1VU8dhoG5PB7bGWdWKKLFDgHqYFej2yAlOCToRw4QjGlUF1oXcgn5FvKd4tr6dBeLdZIkq5E0eR4HkMazctKRNlrOw9CL1S77_iiNPDT4Wpvppy3JR1rr-SqfCCL88SYqi33vr_7tAJeX78lv_hxxul6OwqdtJ7-f2GpQzrEOGlhBkMzg-w6NEdlWrlvTB7Zpvj3NVoWf9Ij_rr9i7klJ) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. As a bonus, my friend from yesterday’s webinar introduced me as “The King of Summits”, which obviously felt pretty good. But more importantly, it shows how quickly you can move by borrowing a business to sharing your own business with JV partners and their audiences. Copyright © 2021 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this
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