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Back in college, money was always tight. And of course, so was time (we needed lots of “hang out” time in those days).
One of the first things I learned to do to save time and money was cut my own hair.
There was nothing elaborate about it for us men. I bought some Wahl clippers, and figure out the height needed (12mm on top and 8mm on the sides).
Then I was a 10 ft walk to the dorm bathroom to cutting perfection.
I got reasonably good at it, and have done it ever since. I figure I have saved probably in the 10-20k lifetime and 1000s of hours in the process.
Word got around campus about me cutting hair, as occasionally other guys came for quick fixes.
Then one day came the scare.
Word in our hall was that Stacy Brandt, the biggest and fiercest football player on campus, was looking for me.
He was someone, not even the other huge football players would mess with. I got along with everyone, so what was this all about?
Stacy came to me and wanted his hair cut. More specifically, he wanted a mohawk.
Yikes! I had never done that, and while I was capable, the thought of messing up on Stacy Brandt was not a pleasant thought.
So we went down to the dorm bathroom, and got set up.
Word started to spread, and we ended up with a small audience while I performed my trade. That didn’t help my already perspiring hands.
When the moment of truth came, Stacy stood up and looked in the mirror.
He said, “I love it.”
He thanked me a took off. The rest of the audience commented to me on what a good job I did, and how scary that mohawk made Stacy look (which was his desired result).
From that moment on, Stacy always made an effort to recognize me around campus.
One day, I was swimming laps in the indoor pool at the athletic complex. Suddenly, a voice came over the loud speaker in the lobby and the pool area. Ray my barber, what’s up buddy!?!?!
I waved and remember being so pumped I could hardly wait to go tell my friends back at the dorm.
His implied endorsement gave me status, and it was great.
I was reminded of that feeling a couple of years ago when I hosted my first virtual summit.
Simply interviewing other thoughtleaders created this implied endorsement that completely changed the relationship I had with my list and in the industry.
It is a really simple way to build authority by surrounding yourself with the right people.
If you are interested in hosting a virtual summit in 2022, and you should be, you can check out our live coaching and training program called Summit Lab. It starts in January. https∶//summitlab.io (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFzk1ugzAQQOHT4CXyzBibLLxIVKGmPQTyb7FiMMXuIpy-6arSWz99XkeMXiBLGjkCIAi4cOTQK5KDG9ETKUlG2U7w0Ntw1HA8wrGalHtXVrZox9EDDzYQtyJegLs4oFP-AqSUHyXLemltrx1dO5xe1Z91TS0b26fS0TTPe6mppbLNc0dvnIW_-bupi87xPi0rTU_x8RluZ262fl-ZK1szrt29liCs9TJI8AICeQ9u4DiO7NCHedpcvrAv8XGO20t_mj39w38BP-FONA)
And you don’t need to cut any mohawks to join. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. When I catch up with old buddies from college, I almost always get a comment like “Remember when you cut that mohawk for Stacy Brandt. That was the scariest look I have ever seen!” Copyright © 2021 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this
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