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This past Thanksgiving we spent with my Mom, in Cleveland. We drove over 30 hours each way for the 3 week adventure.
While there, I was briefly reintroduced to Reality TV. (I got rid of cable TV 6 years ago, and most of those shows went with it)
While there, my Mom and I watched a current episode of Survivor.
I couldn’t help but think back to that original first season of Survivor, that set the tone for the entire series (and really, the new face of Reality TV).
Richard Hatch, the winner of Season 1, had been the villain most of the series. But you had to hand it to him, he went into with the mindset of winning the game.
I recall him casually mentioning to someone early on… “Want to form an alliance?”
And the rest is history.
Every subsequent season has been a mad scramble to build alliances, and try to outlast everyone else. All because Richard had that original brilliant idea.
When I was starting out online and with book publishing, I thought building “alliances” was something for much further down the road.
I was completely wrong.
Building your “alliances” is something you should be doing from the get go.
Though it is a little more difficult in the beginning, you will be so thankful that you started sooner rather than later.
This is true whether all you are doing is building an audience for your book, or you are building an online business, your alliances are what will expedite your journey. They will also carry you when times are lean.
One of the easiest ways to break the ice, and build those relationships is to have something of value to share with those people you want to meet.
No, a free copy of your book does not qualify.
But putting them in front of a new audience does.
That audience can be the one at your virtual summit, none of which has to come from directly from you.
The other speakers create the valuable potential audience that can be used to lure
That is the beauty of using virtual summits to build your author/entrepreneur platform. It works just as well for those starting out.
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Ray Brehm
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