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Nearly every year we watch some version of A Christmas Carol. Chances are you have too.
There is some real joy in watching Ebenezer Scrooge see the error in his ways, and make amends at the end of the movie.
Those he had wronged in life, showed grace and class by forgiving him in the end.
The story follows on Scrooge on three adventures of self-exploration, with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.
What he learns in each of those places is something we can all use.
1) Visiting the past, is to help us realize what actually happened and learn from it. But do not dwell there. We cannot change anything.
2) Considering the present, we see the situation those past actions have created (good or bad). We need to decide if this is where we want to stay.
3) The Future view is where we will be if we change nothing. Yet, it is not set in stone. You can start changing your outcomes, and you can start today.
Scrooge got back from those three visits, and immediately changed his outlook demeanor, and actions.
If we each look at our past, present and future, in can be very enlightening.
For many of us, the path may be clear and the future looks bright.
For most, there are always some things that can be tweaked. Sometimes even major changes are necessary.
For me, I can always fight harder against procrastination, and also start standing firmer for what I believe in.
For you it may be something else.
But the next time you watch Scrooge in action, think about what you can do to change your outcomes based on where you came from, where you are today and where you want to go.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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