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Happy New Year and welcome to 2022!
New Years Day is a day we can overburden ourselves with resolutions and goals.
What I have found is that simplicity is key in all things.
There is no need for a long list of crazy goals or resolutions.
So for 2022, I am keeping it simple.
Here’s mine: Get to the second try as soon as possible.
What does that mean? No waiting for perfection. No waiting for some phantom level of success before starting. Don’t try to figure out what could go wrong. Get that first try done, and figure the rest of it out that way. Not sure about the topic for your summit? Just do it and you will figure it out. Not quite sure about your manuscript? Hit publish and see. Not sure if you are ready to start a podcast? Hit record and get the first episode done and posted.
Most of the time we worry about being so new at something, that we wonder… what will happen if we mess up?
If you are super new, nobody will know if you do and…
everyone (I mean everyone) messes something up the first time. But you never know what that will be until you try it first.
Happy New Year! Leap. Love. Grow.
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