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10 or so days ago I sent out an email about the Rankin / Bass classic character the Burgermeister Meisterburger and how he banned toys in his town.
I then added that there appeared to be some cities in the US and around the world that seemed to be taking the Burgermeister’s lead.
To which I received the following rant:
You make your living from the US but cannot help but try to put us down. Please delete my email from your list! **sh*l*!

It reminded me how far I have come in my business life, that I not only welcome comments like that, I like adding commentary that flushes those types out.
If pointing out that there might be pockets of tyranny in the world triggers some people, there is not much I can do.
In the end, her and I both agree, she should not be on my list.
It wasn’t always easy to ignore trolls and the “triggered.”
But now I seem to have acquired this natural immunity to them. How?
Within a day or two from that reply, I received a text from Honorée Corder that said…
Happy New Year! PS I love your emails!

If you don’t know Honorée, she is an icon in the publishing industry. She is the author of a dozen books, notably many books in The Miracle Morning series with Hal Elrod. She also has high end courses, services and is high in demand as a publishing expert.
So, to get a text on my phone from her about my emails enhances my natural immunity to the negative stuff.
I also received some great unsolicited feedback recently from Derek Doepker and Rob Kosberg. Both are my heroes. Both added fuel to my natural immunity.
It is such a great feeling to have those kind of relationships. Each of them were built by hosting virtual summits.
You can have it too. Natural immunity to the haters, trolls, and negative reviews.
Just make 2022 your year to build it. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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