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When I was younger, I wondered whether or not I was lazy.
I suppose by most people’s standards, I was.
I just didn’t like doing lots of work for little gain. Hard work for large gains? Yes. Medium to hard work, for small gains? Not usually.
When I realized at my public school I could work all out at 100% to get grades of the A and B type, but work at about 50% effort to get all Bs on my report card…
…well, you can guess what I did (to my Mother’s dismay).
So, when I figured out the long term “effort versus outcome” ratio for selling books using Amazon Ads (and other types of ads), I decided to set it and forget it.
I am not saying not to publish or not to run ads. But there are far better ways to create income from your books than royalties.
As Nick Nanton says, “You make money by a book, not by having a book.” selling
The truth is all it takes is a little simple math.
If you are selling your Kindle Book at 99¢, Amazon will give you a 35% royalty. That is 34¢ a copy. Want to make 10k a month? You need to sell 29,412 copies a month. That is before ad spending which, if you are great at it, can come in at 50% ACOS (Average Cost of Sale). That simply means you need to sell 58,824 (each month). What if my book is $2.99?
Amazon gives you 70% royalty. You still need to sell 4,785 each month for 10k before ad spend.
These are doable for some, but probably not for most. The real problem is Online Ads Cartel makes you believe you can do it, and then when you don’t you feel like you failed.
Not true. There are over 6 million books on Amazon. If you are making 10k you have accomplished something amazing. Why all the doom and gloom, Ray?
This is actually a positive once you are aware of it. Because you can still accomplish amazing things with your book, by changing your perspective. Being a successful author is not about the number on your royalty check.
Back to Nick’s quote, you make money by having a book. The book is your introduction to someone. What you do next can have an even bigger impact on them and on your bank account as well.
It is all about building an online business around your book (this can be full or part time). When you help your readers take that next step, it is a win-win.
Heck, if you are like me, you are probably wondering at this point what to do next. I know I was.
And here is the great news, you will be one of the few that takes that step to the next level. Most won’t try. They would rather keep trying to siphon a few more cents per copy.
I am hosting an impromptu training this Thursday 2pm EST, called where we discuss what you need to do in 2022 and how to get it done. The Five Pillars of Your Online Business https∶//us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_lHlw00FMStOYdPtoJ0Y-vw (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFj8tqwzAQRb_G2kXI0sSxF1oYSkgKTUtKabMqeoxs1w8FWYmpv77KqjCLM3dxL8dKx50FTjrJGecsZ8C2kJDCznJleFmWRlS6wgwYUo1hxtBjGFU3UONH0kpwFkFjgc5WRjAUCniJRujUJRwAGWQb43XORJ3xfbrbzPiCmq7ej_Q2pyR93aRCooBNN0d84OfpezgMC2P7l_f4erFv0T-zy-a-EHysH9Tcyt3PuZ5OTft13KzFue79_cM9EeOnqEw8WlnkoLUtsMgt5Ciszc2WJScSZFC_evANp971azklvVVdu3-zP68gWdk)
You can be one of the few that goes to the next level this year. Leap. Love. Grow.
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