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In November 2021, it is estimated that 4.5 million Americans walked away from their jobs.
The prior month, that number was 4.2 million. In fact, between April and September of 2021, over 24 million Americans quit their jobs.
The reasons for this are being spun in all different directions. The mainstream media says it is because “the economy is so good.” It actually may be because of “new job mandates.”
Regardless, I also suspect many are realizing they can do their own thing, and are taking the chance to do it now while they have a good reason.
In fact, I have at least four clients hosting virtual summits this year based on the theme of moving from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world.
I expect it to be an exciting year. And the more people we can make entrepreneurs, the better the world will be.
That said, I am hosting an impromptu training tomorrow (January 6) 2pm EST, called where we discuss what you need to do in 2022 and how to get it done. The Five Pillars of Your Online Business https∶//us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_lHlw00FMStOYdPtoJ0Y-vw (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFj8tqwzAURL_G2lVcybIjL7QolJCmxG1JoKSbosd1bGJbqSTX1F9fZ1WYxZnZDMephjdOcNIpDpwDgxJAMGC0QNmUxrHS6IqLAjIBSA2GiOGKYdBdT60fSKuEzhmzldRoDSuEQY5aVHaDjUC3AUl61aZ0i1n-mPHtmikCn9HQxfuBTnFd1taNOqwU8NLFhHf8qL_6XT8DbA_H9Hp2b8nv4fzwMxO8v-90bFVdfU-nfXjyTf3yKd-n5XRgR2L9mLRNz06VTBjjSiyZEwxz55gtgEtJggr61_T-wqlvroscV71F37p_sz-eXFnT)
Is this your year to start or solidify that side hustle? What about go full entrepreneur? Leap. Love. Grow.
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