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When I first started dipping my toe in the online business world, one of the first live events I attended was Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Live.
It is hard describe how the energy and camaraderie of an event like that can motivate you. I was soaking it all up, and loved meeting all the other like-minded people who were there.
One friend I made at that very first event (this was the spring of 2017) was a gal named Thembi. We sat next to each other the last day of the event, in the front row to the left of the stage. There were likely 1500 people in attendance.
Just before lunchtime, Jeff starting talking about his 12k per year mastermind called Launch Club. There was a special lunch for anyone who was interested in hearing more.
Thembi, having more experience with Product Launch Formula than I did, leaned over and said, “You don’t need that mastermind, just follow the course you already have.”
Well, I went to lunch and decided otherwise.
I figured if I could accelerate my learning by being in that mastermind, I could easily make that investment back sooner than by figuring it all out myself.
So I joined. When I did, they changed out my event lanyard to one that said Launch Club on it.
When I returned to my seat next to Thembi after lunch, I sat down slowly and inconspicuously.
It didn’t work.
Thembi turned to greet me, saw the lanyard, and said… “You traitor!”
She was kidding (kinda…).
A year later, we saw each other at the same event and asked me how the mastermind was. I told her it was excellent and she would be a great addition.
She joined, and fast forward another year, she was standing on stage after winning the coveted Launch Club Spokesperson Award.
And Jeff told the audience she could be the next Tony Robbins if she wants to.
Needless to say, Thembi and I have been close friends ever since.
In fact, she just invited me to speak at her live virtual event next week. Her events are pretty amazing, and she has had guests like Jeff Walker, Tony Graziosi, among many others.
That is why I love attending events (live or virtual), speaking, and connecting with others.
The event is called and geared at helping you build and scale an online business in 2022. It is a paid live event, but there is an early bird rate right now and it is pretty low for a 3 day live virtual event. Scale Up
If you are interested you can check it out here: https∶//ray.fm/scaleup (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFzjFvgzAQhuFfg0fLdzYGBg-NlCrtHLXznX1uSCAgQ6Q2v77uVOkbvunRm0LGnByqMaBBNAAOurYD0M4MwpQtpthmMa5xRjRL2aTcpMw0Tjous7oEjj1EHDxZ4x1TEiuDRfKdRR6IsprCZd_XrbEvDb7WFfrRea5nizTJY1Xyp51oq9Y3E3zmx3y4fhzO78fzNfJJxeW-U9zfUvDgmJMXD8mB2JQgtgb7XpVQVZ6WL9RLvj37e8190jr-l_4Cbc1J3Q) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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