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The formula seems pretty simple, right?
Especially when you are starting out…
The idea is that to get more eyes on your books you just need to run more ads (and spend more money). That is what the pros do, right? That is why they sell you courses on how to run ads, right?
I can tell you, nothing was more frustrating for me than solving this dilemma when I was just getting started.
In fact, even a couple of years into self-publishing, I still see authors struggling because they are convinced this is the way.
A few years ago I completely stopped using Facebook Ads, and I barely use Amazon Ads (the only ads I run are for my free books at the moment).
The gurus like you to believe that you just don’t understand Amazon Ads, or that the algorithm has changed.
In which case, you need to buy their next ads course.
I am not against running ads, doing it yourself, or ads courses. But you better enjoy doing it if that is to be your only way of getting more eyes on your book.
However, since I stopped focusing on ads, and focused on what I am about to tell you, my book downloads have seen a huge increase. So what do you do?
You have others recommend your book for you, without the cost of running ads. How does one do that?
Well, you could go ask other influencers to promote your book directly. But you probably already know that is a tough request (when you don’t have anything valuable to offer in return).
You could also host a virtual summit (my top choice for this).
When all the speakers send their audience to your summit, you get 1000s of new eyes on your book or books (because they have introduced their best audience to you).
But some people aren’t ready yet to invest the time, money and energy into a virtual summit. Want to know a faster way?
Join a well-run anthology book as a co-author.
When any one of the other authors sends someone to read that book (directly or indirectly), you get eyes on you and whatever else you want them to see (the content and/or contact info contained in your chapter).
It is permanent marketing (without ongoing ad costs) for you and your literary works.
The time investment to get it done (as a co-author contributor) is minimal, usually just submitting your chapter.
And if the host author is knowledgeable at launching books, there will almost instantly be a lot of eyes on you and your work.
It is really tough to beat from a time / money investment standpoint. So, where do you find well-run anthology books you can participate in?
Funny you should ask… https∶//co-author.me/ (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFj71ugzAURp8Gb7F8rx3_DB5aVVE7dqArMr6moABGxgzh6ZtMlb7pDEfnIz_gQArZ5FEgCgALIK4guFTSSYVOiuBIBmiUSLxPZU_lnsoSppnHvLDRS00WCYyxdjB9MsY5ARExEBmIA7HZj7VueyPfGrw9F_MlHHXMhS_pReSt67a8T3XKa9c18kOw9PJ_hn3083cLR3uZj_b90VbtfsRxdizmtYZYv8hrUH1POmkgBUkSQbwKtJYVX8Kjn_Mv8jzcT7s-D5xhm_7b_wCUn04q) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. The Co-Author Project for the book is now open for enrollment. If you are a coach or train coaches, this may be a great book to join. Coaching INC
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