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A short time ago I was a guest presenter on a live three-day book marketing training.
I presented on virtual summits as a way to create an audience.
I was getting some great feedback in the comments, so I stuck around and watched them for a little while after my presentation.
As the host came back on and started commenting about how anthologies can work for authors like virtual summits do, the conversation in the chat turned to anthologies.
Quickly the “experts” (sarcasm meant) in the chat started talking about anthologies. Side note, don’t ever take advice from other participants during a webinar. They are the ones that like to talk and don’t listen. And almost always dole out bad advice.
Anyway…they were talking about getting together an anthology amongst them and how it would be free.
Then I saw the comment,
“That is why I didn’t join one of Ray’s anthologies. He charges $1000.”
Have you ever had one of those moments like, Hello!?!?!!! I am still standing here.”
I didn’t respond (I probably wouldn’t anyway, but definitely not in this case because it was not my event).
Interestingly, the person who made the comment was from my email list, and was probably attending the event because I had promoted it.
I have no need to defend my product or price. It is a premium product. In fact, the contribution should be higher than it is.
We offer a well-packaged book and well-run system, and each contributor is guaranteed to become a bestselling author.
In the chat, they went on to discuss places (not Amazon) where they could publish their anthology that had a feature that could divide up the royalties among the authors. That is when I had to chuckle.
First, any serious author knows an anthology is not about royalties. It is not an income play. The goal is to build authority, and get more eyes on you as a contributor.
Second, let’s do some quick math.
You create an anthology with 30 authors, and sell the eBook at 99¢. The royalty (using an Amazon scheme) will be about 30¢.
These people in the chat were focusing, as their highest priority, on finding a platform that would help them split 30¢, 30 ways.
Those are not the types of people I want in my anthology books.
Nor should you.
That is why I am glad she bad mouthed me.
Part of my messaging during enrollment for my anthologies is geared toward weeding out those with scarcity mindsets.
Not only would they be a pain for me to deal with as the anthology host, but they are the types I don’t want to put on books with the other amazing co-authors that join us.
So when I see a red flag with someone, they do not qualify as a co-author.
It is great because it is kind of like asking people to raise their hands if they would be bad co-authors.
The people that my investment amount attracts are business minded, and on their way up.
They believe in investing in themselves.
They are abundance minded.
Which is more than I can say for people worried about splitting 30 cents 30 ways.
I have hosted and participated on many anthologies.
They have all been very high quality, and never has there been a royalty split. That’s just a waste of time.
The function of anthologies is building authority, adding a book to your library and putting more eyes on all the authors.
Think about it from your perspective. Would you rather co-author a book with decisive, abundance minded people or those worried about who gets the penny royalties? Would those willing to invest in themselves be more willing to promote you (and in turn put more eyes on your work)? What do you think will happen when it comes time to ante up for marketing with the penny authors? Do you think it will be an easy task all 30 authors need to decide on a cover? Will it be based on quality or price?
One of the most important parts of an anthology is the leader, and the launch plan. You want someone who has done both before.
This advice applies to almost anything you do:
You are the sum of the company you keep. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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