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A little tip I learned from the great Marc Reklau.
He writes books on happiness and habits.
He is also one of the few people I know who lives off of his royalties (to the tune of 20k USD a month).
A while back, he made mention of one little thing that has completely changed how I do things.
He said he puts every one of his books in a series of some type on Amazon.
I recall thinking that a series was really only something useful for fiction authors.
But when I looked it made complete sense.
When you put your books in series, you get these benefits:
the ‘real estate” (Amazon book page space) directly below your book description becomes free advertising space for the other books in your series (it used to show paid ads or also-boughts).
Readers of one book in the series are automatically given guidance as to which other books of yours they may be interested in
Book browsers who look at your page instantly see you as more credible and serious about your craft, because they can see your other books (without going to your author page)
Any interest in one of your books may turn a non-purchaser into a purchaser, when they find a more appropriate book in the series than the one the first clicked on
You can create a special series page with even more information and searchable content
What makes one person interested in you and your books, may be different for the next. That is why showing them what you have to offer as soon and as easily as possible is paramount.
It is easy to see your other works, and build authority using a series.
Now every book I publish is part of a planned series.
But there is one other thing you can do to supercharge the use of a series… Participate in an anthology that is part of a series.
Take our “Code” series: The Success Code The Happiness Code The Wealth Code The Entrepreneur Code
Each time one of those 100 authors mentions their book, and someone checks it out, all of the books in the series benefit.
In fact, all 100 authors are exposed to that new reader.
As we add authors and books to that series, everyone’s benefits continue to increase.
That is why I love the combination of using series and anthologies (which very few anthology host authors use).
By the way, you can create your own series with multiple books very easily inside your KDP account.
But if you want to take advantage of both series and anthologies, that is offers bigger audience and marketing exposure. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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