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There is this classic episode of Seinfeld called The Reverse Peephole.
There are a lot of storylines and subplots in this episode, but the main one revolves around the group planning to pool their money together and buy a massage recliner chair as an apartment warming gift for a friend.
George proclaims himself the one in charge of buying the chair, because he has a “sixth sense for these sorts of things.”
What he means is he is good at finding deals.
To which Jerry replies, “ Cheapness is not a sense.”
Since the gift is a surprise, George has it delivered to his apartment to hold until the housewarming party.
While keeping the chair safe, George becomes addicted to sitting in the chair, and because of this denies having even bought the chair yet.
As the days pass, the rest of the group, for various reasons, turn sour on the whole idea of going in on the gift.
As George procrastinates revealing he has already bought it, the group one by one drop out of the commitment.
This leaves George with the chair, which he can decidedly not admit he had purchased at this point.
Any author starting out has probably had this same sort of procrastination.
I call it the George Constanza School of Self-Publishing.
I suffered from it for a long time myself when I started.
We become experts at excuses (we can come up with all kinds of good reasons to procrastinate), but not at the actual execution of writing and publishing. I don’t have enough time. I need to take one more class. I need someone else to read and approve my manuscript.
Admittedly, I never suffered from this last one.
The truth is… All it really takes is committing to it.
I had 15 years of sticky notes in a folder of ideas and books I was “going” to write.
I used those same excuses above.
Then one day, at a conference, I walked by a vendor booth advertising an anthology.
All I had to do was write one chapter, then I would have my first book and be a bestselling author.
The price tag for that book was steep (7k), but the monetary commitment would ensure I would stop the procrastination madness, and finally become an author.
That quick decision and commitment changed the trajectory of my career.
It also motivated me to learn more.
A year and a half later I was a “book guy” and helping others.
And participating in that anthology inspired me to create my own series of anthologies (with a much lower price tag).
All it took was expelling myself from the George Costanza School of Self-publishing and taking action.
Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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