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Growing up, I lived on a 3/4 mile, no outlet street with lots of kids.
Almost every day, there was some sort of game starting up, football, basketball, softball…
My age group were the younglings of the games. The kids a few years older were very good athletes, and we got to learn from them.
Inevitably, playing with skilled, older kids made us much better ourselves.
The only downside to these games was they were pickup. Two team captains would pick teams until everyone was picked.
For kids on the street, there was stigma to being picked last. But also, the sooner you got picked the prouder you were that day.
So we all improvised to improve our lot. We would stand by the good older kids, so we would get more looks.
Sometimes we would smile big when the captain of our preferred team was looking our way.
Sometimes we would pretend not to care, which was meant to show that we were a good choice.
Friends that were already chosen may whisper a quick tip about you to the captain, to gain some favor.
The only people who did not stress about this were those that were known quantities. These were usually the older players who every one new could throw and catch.
But if you were new, or younger, or the captain was new, you had to somewhat market yourself. You could not just sit and wait to be noticed.
The same goes in publishing. You can write and publish an amazing book. But that doesn’t mean you will get noticed.
Authors that do are actively trying to get noticed, by asking for reviews, testimonials and submitting their books to contests.
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Ray Brehm
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