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Back in my 20s, I visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. One day we took a tour out into the country, to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. They were used by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War.
They were underground tunnels in the middle of the jungle, that allowed the fighters to take some shots and then essentially disappear into thin air. They were dark, humid and small. Not a great place for claustrophobics.
After the tour, and a 1960s Communist War propaganda film, we were offered the chance to fire M16s and AK47s, the weapons of choice during that time period.
I had never fired a gun before, but it seemed like a good time to try. The cost was $1 a bullet which was pretty good money in Vietnam at the time.
I chose the M16 first, and the soldier loaded it, and put the barrel of the guns into a wire bracket that limited where it could be fired. This obviously made everyone feel safer.
But that was where the instruction stopped. Go ahead and fire was the final advice.
I had no idea if there would be any kick, or even how to aim. There was simply a dirt hill about 50 yards away.
I decided the best approach would be to fire once, with minimal aiming just to see how it all worked.
As I pressed the trigger, a bunch of dirt popped up into the air on the dirt hill, about 10 yards to the right of where I thought I was aiming. Ok, I thought, now I have some idea of how this is going to work.
My second shot came much closer to where I was aiming, and the third showed just how useful the sight on the rifle could be.
I could have spent 10 minutes aiming that first shot, to try to get it where I wanted it to go. But it was far quicker to take that first shot and then re-calibrate.
The same idea goes for everything you are doing with your book or online business. You can calibrate all you want up front, but until you take that first shot, you have no idea what to adjust.
It is far quicker and more efficient to take your first shot, then re-calibrate on your next one. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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