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In the news lately is the fact that Facebook (now identifying as Meta), may shut down its service (including Instagram) in Europe.
The issue is around data privacy. Facebook uses something called Privacy Shield to transfer user data back and forth between the US and Europe.
Problem is, the legality of that is considered invalid as of July 2020.
If a new data transfer framework is not approved, Facebook is going to pull the service from Europe.
This can cause a lot of pain to those who have build focused solely on building audiences via Facebook. That is a significant audience that might go away.
I was somewhat lucky to see the writing on the wall (long before the current censorship started).
The #1 way to protect your business and the longevity of it, is to control the access to your audience. When you use a third party as access to your audience, you risk losing it all in one swoop.
You can either have your account closed, or they may shut down access to part or all of your audience (which may happen to anyone who has part of their audience in Europe).
That is why I am always pounding the table to start your email list asap. And by the way, if you haven’t yet, here is a secret.
Everyone starts their email list at zero. You just have to start.
One of the best ways to jump start an email list is to host a virtual summit. (Also make sure your published books have ways optin links inside them). Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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