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Raise your hand if this happens to you.
You buy a new shiny course (say on running ads for your book).
You are sure this course is the thing that will change everything.
You go through the course, and especially if it is long, the novelty fizzles out.
You learned a lot, and there were also a few things you didn’t quite understand.
But then you see it. There is another course that has the missing piece of the puzzle.
And the cycle repeats.
You never quite learn enough to take action.
There is always something missing. It is small, but we just need that next course to get it.
Does this sound like something you are familiar with?
I can describe it so well, because that was me starting out.
It isn’t that the courses themselves are sub-par.
In the beginning, we always lack confidence, knowledge, and experience.
That creates fear, which prevents action.
We use the excuse that we need more knowledge to mask that fear.
If I look back and decide what I would do differently if I was starting now, it would be this:
Prioritize action and learn along the way.
I was a course collector for a few years before I felt confident enough to start.
Those years would have been better used by simply taking action.
But action is tough if you are just taking a course, and trying to fill in all the knowledge and skill gaps by yourself.
Coaching or a Done-For-You service can really help get you into the game. But those services cost more, right?
Well, upfront they do.
But when I add up all the courses I have bought in my career, intending to do it all myself, they add up to a lot more than if I had just hired someone to get me going.
The scary thing about getting expensive help is the risk of something not working after that high price tag Then we are back to buying more courses.
But I see something on the horizon that may change quite a bit in the marketplace (across all niches). The rise of guaranteed results.
The idea is that you hire someone for a Done-For-You service, or Done-With-You service, and they guarantee some sort of outcome.
It could be simply that you will earn your money back, or get 1000 readers or something beyond just the service itself.
Admittedly, that is not easy for the providers to offer and they can only offer it to qualified clients.
But I think it may be commonplace in the next few years.
Hopefully, it will be something you do on the back end of your book as well.
If you could offer something like that for your clients, imagine the position it would give you in your marketplace.
There is a formula I have found for myself, which includes using high ticket offers and virtual summits.
It changed everything for me. For some, it might as well.
I have created the Six-Figure Author Summit Program™, a customized program to help speakers, authors, influencers, business coaches and consultants build a truly scalable business. One that brings you more profits AND more life.
If you qualify, by the end of the Program, you will have $250,000 in additional cash in your pocket, along with a complete roadmap to sustain and grow your business, guaranteed.
If you’re tired of pouring your heart and soul into your book, delivering courses and programs that are barely paying the bills for you, let alone giving you the lifestyle you want, then perhaps this Program is for you.
If you are interested in becoming a member of my exclusive Founders Circle (*must have at least one existing course or program that sells — standalone or on the back end of your book), check out the short video on the page below and then schedule a Founders Circle Call.
We are accepting a VERY limited number of these Founders Circle members. Realize not everyone will qualify, of course, but I’m happy to have a chat and see if you’re a good fit. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. Yes, adding six figures from your next summit in 2 years or less is guaranteed. If you qualify, this could be a game changer. Details are here: https∶//6fig.me/founders (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjjtuxCAUAE9juiB45rcFRSLlp0g5gJsI3oM1WttY2Cmypw-pIk0x1WjIZ8ikgBUPAjpylFJoqXkkY4W2LghDlCgOSiQeUztSu6W2hrJwrCubvQalrc0CHRpQwYBIF41K5uAiYkS2-Pk892MYHwd46ZhcrnxN3XL93qgnWfrrvYVj9pO4fDzs05P7XA4bpvL6hc8Tw7qdAc938kaq2NeSkaRkGokkagHOseZb-IlLvQKv-XZ3Wx–h738v_4CkG5JmA) Copyright © 2021 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this
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