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Many years ago, my friend Jim Small gave me a book called The 4 C’s Formula by Dan Sullivan.
It is a quick but very impactful read.
<<< potential spoiler alert for the book here >>>
One of the main concepts of the book is that (it is the 4th C). confidence comes last Most people wait until they are confident they will succeed in something, before they start. Yet, the truth is that confidence comes after the other 3 C’s.
The first C is Commitment, then Courage, Capability and only then Confidence.
To simplify, you must commit to doing something long before you will ever feel confident in doing it.
This goes for anything you are new at, especially writing books.
I wanted to write a book for multiple decades before I ever did. It wasn’t until I invested multiple thousands of dollars to join an anthology book with Jack Canfield, that I actually became a published author.
That newfound confidence that I was an author opened the flood gates.
I proceeded to write about 20 more books over the course of a couple years.
But the first step was committing to it. I committed financially, and to a deadline.
It worked.
That is why I am so excited to share the free training tomorrow with Troy Broussard.
Troy has written 20 books in the past 13 months, and 6 in the past 30 days.
Troy coaches hundreds of entrepreneurs each month in two separate coaching programs (including the one I attend) and writes a book every month for his Memoirs of Mastery subscribers, AND teaches people his framework to create high impact books in 30 days.
He and his partner Tom Beal, have agreed to share the wisdom behind their system in a training this Thursday (tomorrow) at 5pm EST (February 17, 2022).
You will learn:
The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs today is standing out and how to create a book to do just that, and quickly
How one single book, properly positioned, has generated over 327k in backend revenue
The critical difference between writing and sculpting, and why you cannot afford to mistake the two
To unlock the psychology of change to overcome roadblocks that have slowed your writing and business
Position yourself close to deals, clients and as a leader in your niche
You can register for the free training here: https∶//troybroussard.com/impact (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtqxDAURL_G6mKsq4e1hYqFEHZTpAtJF651pdisbQlJgXi_PtoqMNUwnDlkAwSSwBYLA7RwDUJyrvuT0qMGpUg4H04GOzn4fvK5-HzzecNl7V3c2GwVgkEh0RlppCPnRiA3miCE8YLQsNXOtabSiXMHLy01x2PK8acUzPSAtG7ZErrK_IN7wTLbt_pxnMVXfM3vz7_Hfn36vKTEXNxr213Jai6nibTXnCRvP8SdGsAYlm3GY1rjN_Qx3O5mb-J3TMu_8x-A203o)
Don’t miss this one! Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
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