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Obvious answer: your book.
Unless, of course you haven’t written it yet.
And if you haven’t, you are not alone.
I hear something like 90% of adults want to write a book, and about 1% ever will start. Then a fraction of those will ever finish and publish it.
But you don’t have to be in the majority who don’t.
And even if you are already published, when is your next one coming?
In both cases, there is no small amount of overwhelm that can occur thinking about that your book.
That is why I am always on the lookout for ways to make the process more efficient, and at the same make how I write each book better.
That is why I am excited to attend Troy Broussard’s workshop today (starts in less than two hours) on Troy teaches entrepreneurs to write a highly impactful book in 30 days. It starts at 5pm EST today (February 17, 2022).

Register here and join us! https∶//troybroussard.com/impact (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjr1uwyAURp_GjBZcsIGBIYoaNR26dMrI342t2AEBUZU8fclU6UyfPh2dYBAwCCCrAQodJoEyDmIETSUiBBCTpJTZQdA4ulhqLLdYdrtuo087WYz2k8QoGWqKlDMEjha111FzRZXwZDNLa7kO_DDAqdNKerqSHrXaEt6Svq17tr6R-PZ-2rqY4374-Gnn0yPjdbowvHx9_2bi07313zmYmQnnwhxnFgSLPATmJwpKkWKKfbotXWFMeHupew9_2bz-N_8B_PNNBQ) Leap.Love.Grow.
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