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Yesterday, I overheard a conversation between my wife and kids.
My wife, who has revived speaking Spanish to the kids asked them to do something. I didn’t catch what she said myself, I was preoccupied getting coffee.
But I did hear my daughter, who is eight, respond with… Uhh? Can you just say that in English?
I burst out laughing.
I can relate, because sometimes you just don’t want to have to work too hard to understand something.
She just wanted to know what she was being asked, so she could do it. The translation in her head seemed like a lot of work.
The same goes for my work as an entrepreneur.
Sometimes I want to learn from scratch. Other times I just want the instructions, and I will learn how and why to do it later.
That is why I always share what Infostack.io has to offer.
They create hand-curated bundles, that take the ” starting from scratch” aspect out of everything.
Today, they’re rolling out their latest and greatest writing bundle: Writer’s Craft 3.0, which is the “ultimate” collection of writer resources.
This bundle includes lifetime access to over 80 premium writing tools and resources.
Plus, you’ll get a ton of bonuses.
(like a full year FREE to NovelFactory software, one full year of access to Bublish, and much more) Valued at over $7,900+ — you can pick up this entire collection for an incredible 99% off today.
Inside Writer’s Craft 3.0, you’ll find chart-topping ebooks, full-length ecourses, A+ rated software, and more from writing pros like: Mark Boutros – International Emmy nominated screenwriter for The Greatest Of All Time, author, ghostwriter and mentor. His work has appeared on Sky One, Sky Arts and the BBC. He’s also written a sitcom for Romesh Ranganathan, one of the UK’s best comedians, and his understanding of character landed him a job at Google creating empathy in their Google Assistant. Rachael Herron – Praised by Writer’s Digest, and member of NaNoWriMo’s writing board, Rachel’s the bestselling author of more than 20 books, including thriller (under R.H. Herron), mainstream fiction, feminist romance, memoir, and nonfiction about writing. Represented by Einstein Literary Management, she has an MFA in writing, and teaches writing workshops at both UC Berkeley and Stanford. Mary Adkins – Mary has published three novels with HarperCollins, is the author of the novels WHEN YOU READ THIS (Indie Next Pick, “Best Book of 2019” by Good Housekeeping and Real Simple), PRIVILEGE (Today.com Best Summer Read, New York Post Best Book of the Week), and PALM BEACH (released in August 2021). Her books have been published in 13 countries, and her essays and reporting have appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, and more.
And now, you get to learn from ALL these experts — and many more.
Check out the full lineup here.
It’s…pretty incredible.
This flash sale goes on all week, but for the next two days it is 50% off. https∶//ray.fm/writerscraft (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFzrFuwyAUheGnMSOCyzWhA0NTKWqGbJUqdbvAxXZjxylGiuqnL5kq_cOZPp3kM-SEICYPCp6B1qrXTiJT0EDZ2BA4AnSoWAYuG5crl4WmWcZ1EWMDAmTsHZrwoiwHg4TORkqIRh1cErMfa71vnXnt4NQq9Cvz0sajTLWBsVCugp_kO22jp-HweaH8dbz8DB8K9ffu3k4irrdKsZ6TtxpDSJatTqjZpKRjr8A5UXyjw7wOINd83d2tfd7pPv3f_QOwsUsC) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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