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About three and a half years ago, I started coaching authors on marketing their books and building a platform.
It was $1000 a month, for weekly coaching, planning and tech setup.
After the first two clients signed on, I happened to have a call with my mom, and casually mentioned it.
Her immediate response was… “Who would pay you $1000 a month for coaching?”
I am not normally speechless with my mom, but it took me a few seconds to formulate a response.
In her defense, she is from the generation that still believes in “good, secure jobs” and that “the mainstream media does not lie.” She is still spellbound by the amounts of money things cost these days (even knowing about inflation).
So, I mentioned to her that I knew some things that the people I was helping wanted to know. Then I changed the subject.
You should never defend what you for a living do to people (even family) who have no understanding of your market or your value.
The fact of the matter is, I wasn’t even doing it for the money. Nothing she could have said would have got me down.
I was doing what I loved for the first time in my life. I was getting paid, regardless of the amount, to be in my flow state.
One of the ways to achieve that flow state is to recognize what you love, and also surround yourself with the right people, your ” Circle of Trust” if you will.
Then block out the other noise.
I had an awesome conversation with Brian Plachta about the Circle of Trust, on his Finding Flow Summit. It airs next week.
You can register here: https∶//ray.fm/flow (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjj1vwyAUAH-NGRE8PgIDQ4dGrTJnjh68R-3EDim21Da_vu5U6YabTkepQiULYkqgAJRRVmvldJTFQ66VIXrO6DAMVrHM3FfuN-4LTrMsbRFjyrogBscmVGOtJhW8ySrHSOpQDXkxp3HbHutgXgY47nT8kXXZpc7tS_Bf6g3XMeHrcr6Ol9P1-_LpD-Pp6M7Ri9LuG5btnZLXNmfy7DVZzYZIF6cgBNHTnsxz-wDZ6u0Z7vvrEx_T_-YvXFNIHA) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. By the way, Brian is a Summit Lab Grad, and has created an amazing summit in just 6 months.
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