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Last month, I was on the hot seat.
I was front and center in Honorée Corder’s Mastermind.
A hot seat is a focused session, where you ask for help and feedback on a particular topic.
My topic was about creating a unique mastermind. I had a few preconceived ideas in my head of what it might look like.
Afterward, my mastermind looked completely different.
I was blown away by the ideas thrown at me. It completely changed how I will structure my mastermind, but also how compatible it will fit in with everything else I am doing.
The ideas and encouragement from all the members in the group were amazing.
For example, I was picturing a typical mastermind where you show up and the leader teaches.
But in my case, after feedback from the group, the mastermind will be more focused on getting the members speaking gigs on summits and podcasts, and teaching them to host their own summits as well as creating other income streams like Bookfunnels and virtual book tours. It is so easy to underrate what you have to offer, until you get input from others.
New ideas or ways of thinking are the most important aspects of anything you spend your time on. (More on my mastermind later)
Those same type of ideas, and idea makers, are participating in Honorée’s Empire Builders Summit this week (starting tomorrow).
In fact, a lot of my heroes are speaking (like Jeff Goins, Nick Nanton, Honorée, Paul Brodie, Jen Gitomer, and many more).
The entire premise of the summit is that your book is only the beginning, and your online business empire awaits.
The summit releases videos each day, which you can watch free on-demand. You can also purchase lifetime access.
You can register here: https∶//ebs22.live/ray (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtOxDAQAL8mLiPv2lmcwgVXIBDSNYiGbm2vSbhcHDkWj_t6QoU0zTSjST5jThbV7FEjaqMJSBu0vYtEeZTB6mj1ANBZLX2Quku9SL3yvPSxXNXkJdNdZEiUmWF0RshxHslkk6IIGLX4qbVt78x9hw8HEnbEfpk_5ZDKP0r-ao-8T56281vW51Pm16msL-WjfT1_q1jWxrE9JU9gQ0gkBMmCmJQgDhqdU9UfobCUd-xLvtzceuzeeJv_T38BCLZJdQ) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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