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On September 20, 1977, during an episode of the sitcom Happy Days, Fonzie (played by Henry Winkler) jumps over a shark while water skiing.
I realize I am dating myself, but I actually watched that episode when it aired as a kid (a very young kid for those doing the math).
It was part three of a three-episode stint that took place in and was aptly named Hollywood.
I remember those three episodes feeling so out of place. They were out of their natural environment (most episodes took place in small midwest setting, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin).
I stopped watching after that episode, for no other reason than I lost interest.
It turns out, a lot of people did (although the show still had high ratings for years).
In 1985, a guy at University of Michigan coined a phrase about that episode, calling it jumping the shark.
The meaning is some type of misguided attempt to generate attention for something that is perceived to have once been widely popular, but is no longer.
In short, it signifies peak popularity. The beginning of the end.
It turns out when Fonzie jumped that shark, America let out a collective gasp, and the show was never the same for a lot of people.
Funny thing, I have seen that in the self-publishing world as well.
In the past couple of years, I have seen some folks I looked up to, jump the shark.
Some started shilling new made up crypto currencies or other investment schemes to authors (which makes no sense). Then others jump on new beta programs by Amazon and call them “algorithm changes” in order to sell courses.
My reaction to each felt the same as that moment when Fonzie, in shorts and his leather jacket, jumped the shark. WTF was that? (I would say to myself after reading their emails)
I can’t tell you what bothered me more, my disappointment or embarrassment that I followed them in the first place.
That is why I am very loyal to the ones who will stay loyal to their craft and audience.
Honorée Corder is one of those, the good ones. She is loyal to her craft, and it shows in everything she does.
Today is the last day for her event, the Empire Builders Summit.
She has interviewed some incredible people, including many non-shark jumpers like Jeff Goins, Nick Nanton, Paul Brodie, Jen Gitomer, and many more.
Today is the last day, but I will let you in on a little secret…
I am running her summit, and there is a secret encore starting tomorrow (but you have to register today to get the encore access).
You can register here: https∶//ebs22.live/ray (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtOxDAQRb8mLiN7YidO4YJmeQmJBgEVsmfGxEp2E9kGif16TMXVaW5zdMhFiKRBJAcSQA6qTRpQPQY7TeDHCWeP1kKnJfeBc-G8cj77tPW4n8XitJ9QzaiQLBsgGHCeo5HRm6ApEIjNLbUepRtuOjg1OBSAfkvf3E72P4L_bHe-LI7L29fTazLvx-PH-iDzc6i3LwL3S_VY78mNSodAI4-KtOKBSKGRYK3IronCtn9Cv8f1ai8t9-qP9F_6CxyOSVs) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. I always did love Fonzie though, except seeing him in shorts.
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